Skam Dust, the original cat caller…his reputation precedes him. The infamous New York hip hop and hardcore legend might be known for his larger than life personality just as much as his on (and off) stage antics, and high energy shows and


“We are human”

I’m a problem solver. I don’t like to sit around and wallow in misery, I like to solve problems swiftly. Argument? Let’s handle it. Flat tire? Change it. Leaky sink? Fix it. Offended? Get over yourself and step into reality you weak


“On Marriage”

I’m honored and humbled both that anyone gives a crap about my opinion on anything. I don’t have it all figured out better than anyone else but when someone asks me a question I try my best to answer. A reader asked

I first heard about Justin Andrews from what quickly became my favorite podcast, Mind Pump. The podcast is a lot of fun and feels like you are just hanging out with some friends shooting the breeze. What sets the podcast apart, and

Mike Beltran defines being a “Rad Dad”. He lives life on his own terms as an MMA Referee and Judge, and has called the fights of some of the most talented folks in the game. The man behind the infamous mustache took


“Finding Free Time”

“Do you want to go outside and play catch? My daughter cheerfully asked me. “Not right now, I have some work I need to get done.” How familiar of a scenario this is. Sometimes it seems like there is always more important


“Whatever it takes”

I’ve been a dishwasher, a grocery bagger, a video store clerk, a ticket taker, a landscaper, a telemarketer, a pizza maker, worked at a comic store, helped run a record shop, worked a concession stand, worked a smoke shop, washed more dishes,

Aaron Dalbec has been a major player in the punk/hardcore scene for quite some time. An integral part of, what I would consider one of the most important bands of my era, BANE, and also founding member of the hard hitting super

Children are not born racist, they are taught it. Kids hate going to school on the Monday after a long weekend. Kids hate having to finish their vegetables before they get a scoop of ice cream. Kids are not born hating each

Hi guys! My name is Greg Walsh, and I run a gym called Wolf Brigade in Rochester, NY. Today we’ll share some important details of common strength & conditioning movements and make some suggestions that will allow you to incorporate them into

“Dad, what you said offended me!” My eight year old said as I scolded her for a minor offense. “You have the right to be offended, but it doesn’t get you off the hook, you’re still going to your room.” This exchange

Mike Park is a Rad Dad in every sense of the word. Known for his additions to amazing ska-punk bands like Skankin’ Pickle, The Chinkees, and The Bruce Lee Band, and founder of the infamous “Asian Man Records”, it’s amazing he even


“Your Legacy, Your Story”

Your family, your tribe, your self, no one is responsible for the standards you set in your life other than yourself. You write the law for your family. You write the code. You set the tone. One thing I have learned is

Belief is a powerful thing. When it comes to the mind of a child, belief can be everything. With eager eyes, they look to us to set expectations and yearn to live up to them. Children gain a great deal of satisfaction

I was having a conversation over coffee with my friend the other night about having children. We were talking about how our perspective before having kids drastically changed after actually becoming parents. We both admitted to saying things like “when I have