I remember my grandfather taking the picture of me on the left when I was in highschool. I found it the other day and thought it would be interesting to recreate the picture in front of their house for the hell of

Four-sigmatic is a cool company. A hip foray into the world of medicinal mushrooms, they offer many well thought out blends of various super foods in a convenient single serving package. Given what I know about medicinal mushroom products, I was more

As a youth, I equated weightlifting with the douchebaggery that came with being a redneck in the small town I grew up in. I steered clear of the weight rooms that housed the jocks that made fun of us punks, and as

I’ve seen quite a few folks on here recently get married. Congrats!!! Here are some tips I’ve learned to keep things sailing smoothly. Please share your tips as well! 1. Unplug from time to time. The Internet is a bombardment of images

You might recognize Billy DeCola from the TLC reality show, “NY Ink,”, he left the show after the second season to focus on what was truly important to him, his family. An accomplished tattoo artist that specializes in Traditional Japanese tattoos, Billy

I wasn’t always into health and fitness. There was a time where I was an overweight alcoholic that was a complete newbie to the fitness world, and I certainly am no expert now. Many people however have seen my transformation from a

We owe it to our kids to be the best we can be. Download full size image here: weoweit.pdf Instructions for saving/printing: Click the pdf and save it to your computer. From there, you should be able to print in your preferred

Think about the best memories you had as a kid with your family. Maybe it was a certain vacation, or something as simple as the perfect afternoon playing catch with your dad. Maybe you remember helping to make dinner, or a time

What are they feeding our kids brains about food?! The other day I noticed my daughter fervently reading the ingredients label on the bag of popcorn. When I asked her what she was doing she insisted that she couldn’t eat popcorn anymore

When I first started listening to Mind Pump Radio, my life changed. I was able to get an insight into the science behind the human body and building it to be stronger by people who are pioneers in the industry, and dedicated

Skam Dust, the original cat caller…his reputation precedes him. The infamous New York hip hop and hardcore legend might be known for his larger than life personality just as much as his on (and off) stage antics, and high energy shows and


“We are human”

I’m a problem solver. I don’t like to sit around and wallow in misery, I like to solve problems swiftly. Argument? Let’s handle it. Flat tire? Change it. Leaky sink? Fix it. Offended? Get over yourself and step into reality you weak


“On Marriage”

I’m honored and humbled both that anyone gives a crap about my opinion on anything. I don’t have it all figured out better than anyone else but when someone asks me a question I try my best to answer. A reader asked

I first heard about Justin Andrews from what quickly became my favorite podcast, Mind Pump. The podcast is a lot of fun and feels like you are just hanging out with some friends shooting the breeze. What sets the podcast apart, and

Mike Beltran defines being a “Rad Dad”. He lives life on his own terms as an MMA Referee and Judge, and has called the fights of some of the most talented folks in the game. The man behind the infamous mustache took