Thank you Cottonelle® for sponsoring this post. Stay tuned to the Cottonelle Facebook page and Brit Morin’s site “Brit + Co” for more great tips and tricks. I will never forget the look of frustration on my wife’s face. She had been

Her new favorite saying is “what is it?” as she points to something along our walk. Today I had the luxury of talking about squirrels, speed bumps, and dog crap. I’ve always really enjoyed this age where the world is so brand

Everyone used to ask when I was going to quit skateboarding (or any other activity really) and get on with my responsibilities. After all I was a Dad now and skateboarding was just too dangerous, and took away from the more important


“Someone that needed help”

This is an excerpt from a journal that was discovered on a high schooler who was connected to another student who had a gun on campus. The journal described their intentions for a mass shooting and fortunately was stopped before it could

I’ve lived on my block for almost 10 years. In that time I really only got to know the neighbors that live immediately around my house. Even then, we all know have that neighbor that never says hello and sticks to themselves

I never thought about writing for a “blog.” I just didn’t see anything online (and still don’t) that speaks to US. You know, the Punk rock, hardcore, hip hop, skateboarding, weightlifting, pissed off, spit on, tattooed, outcast types like you and I.


“Modern Day Dads Starter Pack”

Pretty accurate, except it’s missing the fact that I’m going bald, swear too much, eat pizza three nights a week, and pretend to lift weights for the ultimate #dadbod. Follow us on Instagram for more.

Well, we dipped our toes into the world of homeschooling… My biggest concern was how my daughter would be able to integrate back into traditional school if she wanted to in later years. Though my opinion of the “regular” school model is


“First off…”

First off: I normally don’t comment on current event, tabloid BS, but this grinded my gears. Women all over swooned for this douchebag, and here he is making us good men look bad by screwing around on Angelina Jolie. I don’t care


“Why we do what we do”

Sometimes the best reminders of why we do what we do…come from friends. Heavy quote from one of our earliest “rad dad feature” articles with David Amelotte. Follow us on Instagram for more.

Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a Dad. That’s one of the most realest sayings that I’ve ever heard. My own father got off easy. Occasional letters on a birthday, a set of dog tags, and

Jeremy Smith has been a long time friend, fan and supporter of the Modern Day Dads pages. He is a dedicated father, avid skateboarder and he works with adults with special needs in addition to caring for his kids. He is a


“What I’m Swinging”

Lots of folks have asked me WTF is that thing I swing around. Well, it’s one of my favorite exercise tools on earth: the steel mace. The following excerpt is from @onnitacademy : In the real world, loads are rarely ever perfectly

My daughter is on the phone with a boy from her class. I always thought that as she took those little steps to being more independent and showing interest in boys that I’d be a lot more pissed off about it all.

I don’t know what it is about fourth grade, but my daughter just isn’t looking forward to this year. I think it has something to do with the transition from going to school and having fun, and actually doing some work. Last