I wasn’t sure what to expect when I reached out to Gabey Schiavone. As part of some pretty notorious punk bands (U.S. Bombs, The Duane Peters Gunfight, The Spent Idols, and New American Mob to name a few) , I had no

BlueSmart mia is the  latest innovation in smart baby feeding. ​ My wife told me I should check it out and at first I was wondering why on earth would this matter to me until I read more about it. I can

If you are a fan of punk rock or rock-n-roll music in any capacity, the name Cj Ramone should ring a bell. Known for playing bass with The Ramones, one of punk’s most accomplished and influential groups, his solo catalog also stands

Learning to quiet the "chattering monkey of the mind" is a concept I first heard about in my martial arts class. At first I thought it was some hooey phooey nonsense but it quickly became an invaluable practice that has served me


“Home protectors”

How much importance do you place on #protection of your family? As there are many things a #dad should do, from providing to participating, how much priority is placed on protecting those you love? Is this an important quality of a #moderndaydad


“Finding Purpose”

I had always wondered what my purpose was. Through all the different interests and professions, no matter which level of success I reached, I was always still searching.I do think it is important to always want to improve, and strive for more…


“Our battlevests”

It’s funny being a parent…the little things that stop you dead in your tracks and remind you how important of a job it is that you’re doing. Some days are easy, some days are hard and some days you’re just hanging on


“A Post-Workout Powerhouse”

This post is sponsored by fairlife ultra-filtered milk. One thing that the many freedoms of the winter break is it allowed me to do was get back on my regular workout routine. Whereas the lull of the school year took it’s toll

I’ve known of Larry Venturino for many years. I first met him as the frontman for a straight edge hardcore band, where he belted out positive and motivating lyrics from the stage. I quickly learned that for Larry it was more than

This post is sponsored by Google. “I need another arm, I need another brain, I need another me!” I think to myself as I’m being stretched every which way. Help with homework, turn on some music, someone wants to know if they


“How to Argue”

Not knowing how to argue can be at the core of many marital problems and there is a right and wrong way to do it. By practicing patience and thoughtfulness even when in the midst of an argument, you will notice that

Some of my fondest childhood memories looked much like this. Slapping down pieces of plywood and finding creative ways to hurt myself. I have a body that is riddled with bumps and scars that I am proud of, blessed with the ability

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DaytonaBeach.com. All opinions are 100% mine. Living in Florida definitely has its advantages. Considering I get to wake up every morning in a place where most people vacation, I definitely consider


“The Perfect Chord”

If your child finds the perfect guitar chord, the one that sends shivers up their spine, the one that makes music accessible…tell them to turn it up. It opens a world of possibility. Encourage it, even if you only hear out of

Every time I post something about #bullying there’s always at least one person that says something about “kids need to toughen up these days” or “blah blah generation of pu$$ies” or whatever regurgitated Neanderthalic nonsense. My question to those tough guys is,