If you really want to rebel against your parents…

By May 16, 2016 Parenting

Henry Rollins said “If you hate your parents, the man or the establishment, don’t show them up by getting wasted and wrapping your car around a tree. If you really want to rebel against your parents, out-learn them, outlive them, and know more than they do.” When I read that, it really hit me pretty hard.

I always wanted to stick it to “the man.” As far back as I can remember I was riding my skateboard around my town listening to whatever punk cassette tapes I could get my hands on through my dollar store Walkman. Not too much has changed.

I’m not sure if I turned my back on society or it was the other way around, but much of my youth was spent waving the punk rock banner while getting chased by jocks, rednecks, and crooked cops.

This seemed like a pretty viable lifestyle until I had my own kids. Though I would never turn my back on the values that made me who I am, it’s funny to watch those values evolve and change as I grow myself into this parent role.
I love that my oldest daughter has a rebellious streak. She is a natural born leader and isn’t afraid to (metaphorically) put her middle finger up at the norm.

The hard part about being a parent is when that rebellion gets turned on you. I have suffered through it when my daughters eyes gaze at me like I am a part of the world that she despises, the people that don’t understand her, “the man.” It’s all part of the cycle though, and being a parent means working through it with them.

Usually those moments are pretty short-lived, but it’s tough to encourage a child to keep questioning everything and stick up for herself; especially when you become the target of her questioning. This quote from Henry Rollins really resonated with me as I spent much of my youth really rebelling against nothing but myself. I was an angry and confused kid and was on a path of nihilism instead of rebelling for the right reasons and in the right ways.

A rebel without a cause. Hindsight is 20/20 but it’s amazing to be able to view the world as a parent; many things make so much more sense, some things make even less sense and the best we can do is hope our kids turn out alright with us as their guide.

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As protectors of our children

By May 5, 2016 Parenting
Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 8.47.34 AM

My daughter came home from school the other day and as she recanted the things that happened, she sheepishly added that a boy made her feel uncomfortable at recess. “What do you mean?” I asked her and she explained that a little boy was running around the playground slapping the other girls on their ass. She almost seemed apologetic that she even told me about it. After all this boy was her friend. She went on to mention that he did it to all the girls.

I had to stop her right then and there. I had to set the tone, I couldn’t let her think her feelings were unimportant or silly or should be brushed aside.

At that point there was no excuse that either of us could have made for this young man. We stopped everything and I told her “Your body is yours and yours alone. No one has the right to touch you or make you feel uncomfortable under any circumstances. Even when you are older, you set the rules. Your body, your rules.” I went on to tell her that I appreciated her telling me and that she did the right thing. I asked her why she didn’t tell her teacher and she said that it would be too embarrassing. And there lies the problem.

This is something that follows people their entire lives. They don’t want to offend, they want to make excuses for people whose company they otherwise enjoy, and on a larger scale society still very much shames a woman for coming forward if she has been harassed in any way. It might start with a game of grab ass, but how soon before it turns something much more serious?

Needless to say it will be handled or there will be hell to pay. This also stands as a reminder to let our little boys know how to treat women, and let our daughters know they deserve respect. Boys too, they need to know boundaries for themselves and for others.

Let’s be honest, the last thing any of us want is a pissed off father who feels like your little boy did their girl wrong, but even more than that we have a responsibility to raise young men that are protectors, not offenders to our women.

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Book Review: Orgy Porgy

By May 1, 2016 Entertainment, Parenting, Rad Dads
Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 2.51.55 PM

I’ve written and deleted this review half a dozen times. As if no words could do justice to this collection. Scott Hobbs Bourne was once my favorite skateboarder, and as he grew; so did I, allowing him to evolve into not only one of the favorite authors and poets, but an inspiration as a man, a husband, and father.

Orgy Porgy is the complete collection of a bi-monthly column that ran from 2007 to 2011 in the French publication SOMA and five other literary works previously published in magazines such as Jpeople, Juxtapoz, and Ala Champfest. Through these stories and tales you become more than a reader, and Scott more than just the author. These become letters written directly to you, with Scott sharing bits and pieces of his life in Paris. By enveloping yourself in these stories, you gain a piece of Scott’s wildly entertaining life, and these letter almost become correspondence between you.

Scott Bourne's Orgy Porgy from aweh.tv on Vimeo.

It’s hard when reading Scott’s work to not feel like he is an old friend, as he is so open and raw, so honest and powerful as each word becomes party of the stories he tells on the page. Coming from reading “A Room With No Windows”, this is a reinforcement that Scott is not only a poet on the page, but an artist working in the medium of the human experience.

Pick up your copy here: ORGY PORGY

See also our book review of A Room With no Windows


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Rad Dad Feature: Matthew Melnick

By May 1, 2016 Entertainment, Parenting, Rad Dads

I have seen many bands in my time. Some of the heaviest bands on earth even. When I think back to the most impressive, most brutal and terrifyingly awesome show I had ever seen it was a band called Disassociate.

I was visiting California for the first time and happened to catch them at the infamous Gilman street in the late 90s. As they got on stage I had no idea what I was in for. An absolutely crushing sonic assault from start to finish that left me with my jaw on the floor. To this day, their LP “Symbols, Signals & Noise” is one of my favorite albums of all time.

By chance I found Matthew Melnick, the guitar wizard behind those punishing riffs on Instagram. I was stoked to find out that not only is he still making music with his current bands Darkside NYC and Downlow, but he also is an extremely dedicated father to two children.

It’s my absolute pleasure to share this feature with you. Meet Matthew Melnick.

1. Tell us about what you do, who you are, and how you balance your career with being a dad?

My name is Matthew Melnick, and i’m a husband to an awesome wife, Pamela and a father to 2 excellent children, Edward 11 years old, and Madeleine 5 years old. I have no issues balancing a career and fatherly duties since i’m a full time stay at home dad! I gave up my job as an Internet support technician for Thorn Communications 6 years ago to take care of my daughter full time when she was born. My wife supports the family and works full time as a Registered Nurse at NY Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell. I take care of Madeleine and things at home like cooking, cleaning and getting the laundry done. My son is from a former relationship and lives in Illinois with his mom so visiting him is a challenge, but I make it work. I see him a couple of times a year and every summer after his birthday in July I fly out to celebrate with him, then we both fly back to NYC for his summer vacation which rules.

I’m also a musician for 35 years. I play guitar in 2 bands, Darkside NYC and Downlow. I used to play guitar in a punk band called Disassociate. I also do power electronics and noise in a band with my wife called Blood of a Zombie.

The guys in my bands also have wives and children to deal with, so the bands aren’t really a full time thing and don’t really conflict too much with my family schedule. Getting in rehearsal time and setting up shows is sometimes hard but it’s worth it. I sometimes have to settle for late night rehearsal and deal with lack of sleep.

2. What does being a modern-day dad mean to you?

Being a dad these days means dealing with a whole different set of complications and situations than my dad or his dad encountered. Being equipped with a modern arsenal of knowledge and experience is crucial. I work according to a schedule, almost down to the minute, every day. If I don’t adhere to a schedule, nothing gets done! My iPhone timer and Google calendar are my essential father tools. Knowing how to cook and prepare food the kids like, knowing how to do the laundry and iron my wife’s uniforms and my daughter’s clothes are as important as knowing how to dial in the right distortion settings for my guitar rig. The attraction kids have to the internet and computers, tablets and iPads, and their exposure to advertising and media at every turn is a challenge for the modern-day dad, and it’s something I have to deal with and manage on a day to day basis. Trying to find a balance between their use of technology, real books and actual toys is probably my most important duty as a responsible dad.

3.How did becoming a father change your life?

Becoming a father changed my attitude about material possessions and collecting things. When I had kids, my interest in gathering material possessions decreased a lot. At this point in life, i’d much rather have an empty basement where I can relax and my kids can play than have a basement crammed full of band t-shirts, records, CDs, videos, books and other stuff that I don’t use or wear. All that stuff really isn’t that important to me anymore. I have no one to impress by showing off a collection of old hardcore 7″s! I get more pleasure watching my kids have fun and smile than owning anything. Ok, except my guitars and synths, but even that stuff.. If a giant flood wrecked all my gear, i’d survive. It’s just wood and metal. Nothing could replace my children.

4. Whats the greatest part about being a dad?

The greatest part about being a dad is watching my kids grow up, and up and up! Their transition from just being babies and not being able to walk or talk, to watching my son rollerblade and skateboard, and seeing my daughter draw an amazing picture, or read a story to me..that’s the biggest payoff. And their faces when they say something interesting or fascinating, or if they say something funny and then laugh. it’s corny, I know, but sometimes just seeing them smile about something and gazing right into their happy faces is worth more to me than anything in the world.

5. Can you share a funny story about being a father?

I never really grew up, ok? I mean, I grew, but never “grew up”. I still try to keep a little bit of youthfulness in my attitude and life. Anyway, for a while when my son was about 5 years old, he had a thing where he’d always talk about “poop”! There was always some way he’d manage to get that word into a conversation and i’d just crack up laughing because, yes, i’m still juvenile and that just makes me laugh, ya know? I can’t even pretend to be a mature adult sometimes (maybe that’s how I can still be in bands 30 years down the road). He’s 11 now and the poop phase is more or less over, but he’s passed the torch my daughter, and she’s carrying the poop flag for the family now. She says certain words that she hears in school or learns from friends and it’s just hilarious to me. I try not to encourage her by laughing, but sometimes I can’t help it. What’s funnier than a 5 year old coming up to you, looking you straight in the eye and saying, “Fart your Butt!”? Those surprise moments when I never know what’s going to come out of my kids mouths are the best. I have a million fun times with my kids and family. It’s like being in a real life comedy show sometimes.

6. What advice can you give any new father out there?

Don’t take everything so seriously. Learn to laugh at things. Get your cooking skills together. Learn to iron clothes. Make sure you know where the working flashlights are. Always carry tissues and bandaids. Buy disposable items if possible. Know the difference between processed food and food that grows out of the ground and buy more of the food that grows out of the ground. Get a good coffee maker. If you get really mad, walk away, take a deep breath and dial it down a few notches. Forget about sleeping for at least 2 years.


Follow Matt and check out his works:

Matthew Melnick’s website (needs updating, but check it out anyway) http://www.matthewmelnick.com/
Matthew Melnick’s Facebook https://www.facebook.com/matthew.melnick
Matthew Melnick’s Twitter https://twitter.com/mmelnick
Matthew Melnick’s Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mmelnick/
Matthew Melnick’s Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/profile?user=splifford
Darkside NYC Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DarksideNYC/
Matt’s site about Brooklyn (that’s about 15 years old) http://www.lostbrooklyn.org/
Blood of a Zombie website http://www.bloodofazombie.com/
Matthew’s daughter, Madeleine’s website fartyourbutt.com

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Skateboarding Flashback

By May 1, 2016 Everyday
Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 8.46.04 AM

I remember my grandfather taking the picture of me on the left when I was in highschool. I found it the other day and thought it would be interesting to recreate the picture in front of their house for the hell of it.

Most of my friends that I skated with back then quit skating and and moved on, but skateboarding was always my escape, my release, my art. I never was good enough to be pro, but I still have fun and am lucky to share it with my kids.

It’s funny how quickly we can move on from something we based our whole lives around, then look back and wonder what happened? Some of us wonder why we are sick and tired and bored and boring; get back on board! Do something you love, find your passions and let them put you in the hospital, break your legs, destroy you in the best ways possible.

When people ask when I’m going to give it up I tell them…I’ll give up skateboarding the day I give up on living.

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Four-Sigmatic Superfoods/Mushroom review

By April 23, 2016 Food & Drink, Health & Fitness
Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 8.43.45 AM

Four-sigmatic is a cool company. A hip foray into the world of medicinal mushrooms, they offer many well thought out blends of various super foods in a convenient single serving package.
Given what I know about medicinal mushroom products, I was more than a little apprehensive to take the first sip. The first product I tried was the reishi Cocoa. It smelled like a rich and velvety cup of cocoa, but I have learned that in the world of medicinal mushrooms that smell can be very deceiving.

I was pleasantly surprised at how great it tastes and found this to be true for everything I tasted in their sampler pack.

The blends were not only intelligently combined as far as medicinal quality goes, but the flavor profile of each package was a mix of delicious and complimentary herbs and spices.
By far my favorite would have to be the cordyseps Cocoa. Absolutely delicious with a hint of cayenne, this is the perfect pick me up before a workout or just to make it through the afternoon. I even added it into an already made cup of coffee for a spiced mocha, and it was exactly what I needed.
The great thing about four-sigmatic is that they have put a great deal of research behind their company and the mushroom blends they offer. Much of the information they have learned, they share via their website and YouTube channel. It’s worth it to subscribe to their mailing list just to have access to their information on medicinal mushrooms.

That said these cool and committed group of fellows are changing the game and offering a simple and creative way for you to introduce the impressive powers of medicinal mushrooms into your daily life. With heaps of evidence behind the efficacy of the mushrooms, Who wouldn’t want to tear into a package and mix it with a couple of ounces of water and be performing at your peak ability. Mushrooms that help your physical performance, that help you relax, that boost your immunity, that help your brain work optimally, a blend for everyone.

Don’t just take my word for it, pick up a sample pack for yourself and find all the proof you need @ http://www.foursigmatic.com/

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How lifting made me a better man

By April 21, 2016 Health & Fitness
Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 8.42.06 AM

As a youth, I equated weightlifting with the douchebaggery that came with being a redneck in the small town I grew up in. I steered clear of the weight rooms that housed the jocks that made fun of us punks, and as a result never touched a weight until my late 20s.

I don’t know what ignited the spark but I’ve used the iron to beat up on my demons and pressure my body into submission. When I was a child I would beat up on myself in other ways like tossing myself down stairs on a skateboard, or drinking until I passed out. I’ve been sickly skinny, I’ve been morbidly obese, and I’ve been nearly dead more times then I should be able to count. As an adult I no longer want to be out of control, I want to control my path, my destiny, my body and my mind.

When I found the iron, everything changed. It helped me take control of myself, it challenged my own mind, and taught me the discipline that I still had not learned. I was taught by the weights, and unlearned much of what I thought I knew about weightlifting and more importantly the person I was capable of becoming.

It’s important as we age, to test ourselves. To make sure we are still living, breathing, and not giving up without a fight… The weight doesn’t change, it doesn’t care if you are tired, or upset. It’s just as heavy as it ever was, begging for you to conquer it, or you be conquered.

Weightlifting has allowed me to escape in a much more positive way that I ever had before. It’s changed my life. It’s saved my life. It’s a high that surpasses many, if not all of the highs I have ever experienced. It’s taught me to be calm, collected, yet forced me to explode at just the right times.

I never thought I’d be tossing around weights and clanging iron in my garage…waiting for the next session, waiting for the therapy, waiting to destroy myself and build back stronger, but here I am. I don’t know if I lift to conquer the weight, or the demons. I don’t know if I lift to find a balance, or just keep myself from losing control. I do know this; the iron changed me, so when I say that I #nevermissamonday, it’s because I can’t put a price on the therapy of the iron.

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Five Tips for a Healthy Marriage

By April 19, 2016 Parenting
Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 8.39.24 AM

I’ve seen quite a few folks on here recently get married. Congrats!!! Here are some tips I’ve learned to keep things sailing smoothly. Please share your tips as well!

1. Unplug from time to time. The Internet is a bombardment of images that are trying to sell you on the idea that you don’t have enough, you aren’t happy, things should be a fairytale all the time. According to the marketing teams out there; your job isn’t good enough, your family isn’t good enough, you don’t have the right car and your family is lacking. Come to terms with the fact that you do have enough, and enjoy what you have even if that means smashing your television.

2. Give attention not just love.
Especially in our hyper-connected society, it’s easy to tune your partner out. A “like” on a picture isn’t attention. Make sure you set aside time to really enjoy your partners company. Even a coffee together at your kitchen table can mean making the most of each others company and keeping eachother connected. Dates don’t have to mean dropping the kids off at a babysitter either, a date can be lunch on the couch while the baby naps.

3. Agree on your finances. You’ll never have enough money unless you learn to live with having just enough. There will always be money troubles and that’s a part of life. Learn to live within your means and save for your family. Then blow it all and spend together. The important part is agreeing on it. Working together. Life is short, spend, save, just do it together!

4. Sex. Have lots of it. It’s a stress release, it’s sharing intimacy with your partner, it makes you happier and healthier. When you’re happy, when you’re angry, don’t use it as a weapon against your spouse, use it as weapon against non-intimacy.

5. Be best friends. Do stuff together more than apart. Your significant other is an addition to your life, not just an accessory. Share your passions, your hobbies, inspire eachother. Lift heavy, eat entire pizza pies, make lots of love, have babies, kick your shoes off and watch trash television. Make time to just spend time and enjoy your lives. You’ll make it work if you want to make it work.

What tips can you share?

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Rad Dad Feature: Billy DeCola

By April 16, 2016 Entertainment, Parenting, Rad Dads

You might recognize Billy DeCola from the TLC reality show, “NY Ink,”, he left the show after the second season to focus on what was truly important to him, his family. An accomplished tattoo artist that specializes in Traditional Japanese tattoos, Billy is also a dedicated father whom owns his own studio in Vancouver, BC. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Billy DeCola.

1. Tell us about what you do, who you are, and how you balance your career with being a dad?

My name is Billy DeCola. I’m a tattooer born and raised in Florida, USA now living and working in Vancouver, Canada. Since I make my own schedule it allows me to spend a bunch of time with my kids. I’m even able to coach my daughter’s t-ball team and I also volunteer at the school teaching kids how to draw and paint. The art program got cut because of funding so rather than ask people for money, I’d rather donate some time. The kids get super excited because some of them saw me on the NY Ink show so they think I’m a superstar or something lol.

2. What does being a modern-day dad mean to you?

Being a modern day dad means understanding what’s going on in the world today and having an open mind … while still hanging on to the values that were passed down to me by my parents.

3.How did becoming a father change your life?
Becoming a father definitely settled me down a lot. I don’t party nearly as hard as I used to. But it also lit a fire under my ass and now I have a constant motivation to work hard and to do good.

4. Whats the greatest part about being a dad?

The greatest part about being a dad is the feeling of being a kid again. I love playing with dinosaurs and Legos and going on the monkey bars… and now that I have kids I can do it all again! I was getting a little old to go out to the playground by myself but now it’s all good again!

5. Can you share a funny story about being a father?

I’m drawing a blank here man. Everyday is funny in some way but nothing stands out at the moment.

6. What advice can you give any new father out there?

For all you soon to be and new fathers out there… the best advice I was given when I was about to be a father and was freaking out was this – “becoming a father is like getting into a fight. You’re never 100% ready for it but when it happens you just do what you gotta do.”

Man that’s the best way to put it. I never read any of those ‘becoming a daddy’ books or anything… but I think I’m doing alright. It’s all about loving that child with all your heart. Everything else will fall right into place.

Thanks so much man! Really appreciate you taking the time to talk with us!

Follow Billy on Instagram: @billydecola
Visit his website: BillyDeCola.com
and if you are ever in Vancouver, BC, make sure to check out his tattoo shop “Kiku Tattoo Parlour!”

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Top five ways to spot if your internet fitness guru is full of myth

By March 31, 2016 Everyday

I wasn’t always into health and fitness. There was a time where I was an overweight alcoholic that was a complete newbie to the fitness world, and I certainly am no expert now. Many people however have seen my transformation from a 240 pound sloth into the almost 100 pounds lighter, wildly energetic dad I am today and have asked my advice on various programs and trainers they’ve seen online. Though I don’t offer too much fitness or diet advice, I too have been duped by the fitness establishment more than a few times and wanted to take it to task, especially when I see my friends wondering if “Doctor testosterone booster” can really give them a shortcut to being “shredded” just by picking up their “before, during and after” protein shakes.

Here are my top five ways to spot if your internet fitness guru is full of myth.

1. They sell a supplement.

Selling a supplement isn’t a crime in itself, but supplements make the most money in the fitness world as they prey on people who are looking for an added edge or a quick fix. Supplements are the single biggest money maker in the fitness world.

Many fitness “experts” claim that their product is the reason for their chiseled physique when we all know that dedication and hard work is the real cause at best; and at worst their supplement of choice is actually steroids and testosterone therapy. Even worse, some use dodgy studies and antiquated evidence to push even more of their product on you. “You can’t get enough protein from food, so take two scoops of my (heavily processed, cheaply made, completely unnecessary, chemically laden) powders!”

2. They sell a workout plan that works for “everyone.”

There is not much that is new under the sun. For most fitness enthusiasts there are an endless amount of free workouts you can find online. All you have to do is start. If you are new to fitness, or working out, you will see results. If you want the best results however; you need personal programming and a specialized diet plan. Rarely is this something that can be done over the Internet unless you know where to look and who you can trust. Some “experts” give away their workout and diet plans in hopes to reel you in to using their supplements (see point one) and you might ask “why would they go to the trouble to do that?” The answer is, they didn’t go to much trouble, and supplements are the biggest money maker in the fitness industry.

3. They use their credentials as their sources and expect you to blindly trust them.

This is quite possibly my biggest pet peeve. Simply by having muscles, or being thin, or even having a PhD doesn’t get you off the hook for peddling myths, nonsense, and outright lies. A doctors degree even doesn’t make you any more credible just because you made a statement. It’s your duty to list credible sources and be able to back your fitness claims. Especially when you are using those claims to…guess what? That’s right, peddle supplements. (See point one)

4. They give you some free content but need you to pay for the rest of it.

I’m all for paying for knowledge, and I understand that people have to make a living; but why isn’t that living from training happy clients? There are millions of fitness bloggers sharing the same advice that someone is trying to charge you for. Sign up here with your credit card information the last paragraph of “how to get ripped quick!” I’ll give you a hint, you’re paying to see that last paragraph contain a link to their supplements, why you need them and a study they hope you won’t fact check because it doesn’t even support their claim. (See point one)

5. They won’t or can’t, answer you questions and ignore any debate without selling a product or directing you to their own study.

Lastly, you know you have encountered a fitness charlatan when they won’t or can’t answer your fitness related questions. If you encounter one of these fitness frauds don’t be scared to call them out on it. When a supposed “expert” claims that they have access to “new science” but have no sources that should be your first red flag. If their claim also supports their need for you to take their supplement, I think you can figure out who you are dealing with.

When a “fitness expert” makes a scientific claim and tosses around their credentials as reason enough for you to believe it, they owe you credible sources to back up their claim. Statements like “there’s new science” and “research shows” or “I feel it more here” isn’t accurate scientific evidence. Chances are they are spewing out nonsense they don’t think you will fact check, citing their own anecdotal evidence or personal studies hoping you are too stupid to realize it, and fall for their number one chance to make some cash off of you; convincing you that you need their supplements. (See point one)

I’ve seen it more often than not, and though some of you have been in and around the fitness world for quite some time, others, like me are pretty new to all the smoke and mirrors of the industry. I hate seeing a con man, and even worse than that a liar. Combine the two and it looks like you got more than half the fitness industry down. Hope this guide helps you decide who to follow, who to trust and reminds you to do you own research. If it was as easy as a magic powder, we’d all be drinking shakes and look like Arnold.

For raw fitness truth and real advice you can trust, check out my friends on iTunes @ Mind Pump Radio. (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/mind-pump-raw-fitness-truth/id954100822?mt=2)

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Reverse Tie-Dye Tutorial

By March 28, 2016 DIY, Everyday, Style, Tips & Tricks
Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 3.28.59 PM

Making a reverse tie-dye, or bleach tie-dye is a fun way to spruce up an old shirt. It takes something plain, and many times stained…and turns it into a work of art. Tie-dye can be a really fun project for you and your kids. Though this one uses bleach, so it’s important the adult handles that part. Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to turn your old shirts into a work of art.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 3.28.50 PM

1. Pick out your shirt. Darker shirts work best. Get it thoroughly wet and then ring it out a bit.

2. Though you can make many designs, my favorite is made by using a fork. Place the fork in the center of your shirt, and twist like you are twirling spaghetti.

3. Once it is twisted, make sure the edges are close together and the shape is a spiral.

4. Use rubber bands to keep the shirt in its shape, then remove the fork

5. Take your shirt outside, or in a well ventilated area. Bleach is pretty hazardous stuff and you don’t want to be breathing it in.

6. Pour the bleach over your tightly wound shirt. Make sure you get both sides. I used the fork the flip it after one side was well saturated.

7. You should see the bleach start working. The amount of time the bleach is left on determines how vibrant the shirt will be. 5-10 minutes is more than enough.

8. Wash off your shirt. I used my outside garden hose so I wouldn’t ruin the clothes I was wearing. Liberally spray it down with water until all the bleach is gone.

9. Wash your shirt well in your washer. I made sure it was in there by itself because I was too paranoid that I would ruin my wife’s clothes. Nothing ruins the mellow vibes of a tie-dye shirt than having bleach get all over your wife’s favorite dress.

10. Dry it, wear it, and feel your life change. Enjoy!

Photo uploaded to our Instagram page.

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We Owe It To Our Kids Printable (pdf)

By March 27, 2016 Art, DIY
Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.15.42 PM

We owe it to our kids to be the best we can be.

Download full size image here: weoweit.pdf

Instructions for saving/printing: Click the pdf and save it to your computer. From there, you should be able to print in your preferred size.

If you decide to print it up, tag us on instagram (@ModernDayDads), we would love to see.


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Making Memories that Count

By March 15, 2016 Parenting
Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 1.07.21 PM

Think about the best memories you had as a kid with your family. Maybe it was a certain vacation, or something as simple as the perfect afternoon playing catch with your dad.

Maybe you remember helping to make dinner, or a time where you roughhoused with your pops and laughed until your sides hurt.

Sometimes as we get older those memories are few and far between. It’s easy to get caught up in the motions of the day to day between work and life and we forget to make those memories. Not only can we still make memories for ourselves, but every day we are given the opportunity to make the memories that will live on in our children forever.

As I have gotten older I have had the misfortune of seeing the reality that any day could be your last. We worry so much about tomorrow, that it’s easy to lose sight of today.

When I think back of the memories I have of my family it’s just like yesterday. I can still taste the ocean air from family beach trip’s 25 years ago, I still remember the feeling in my stomach when my grandfather and I built a box car and rode it down the hill on his backyard, I remember how proud I felt making soup for my grandmother, and I remember my mom taking me to Disney world.

Let this stand as a reminder that every day we have the opportunity to make the memories that form our legacy. We have the opportunity to make the memories that will live on in our absence, but more importantly our lives are not over either. We can share those memories with our loved ones and know from our own experience that even an afternoon, putting off work just to play ball can make all the difference in our child’s life.

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Healthy Foods and Unhealthy Advice

By March 10, 2016 Health & Fitness
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What are they feeding our kids brains about food?!

The other day I noticed my daughter fervently reading the ingredients label on the bag of popcorn. When I asked her what she was doing she insisted that she couldn’t eat popcorn anymore because it was unhealthy. At school that day she had a health teacher visit, and despite what was actually said, what my third-grader got from the experience was a bit troubling. “Dad, if there is fat in this popcorn am I going to die of a heart attack?” She asked. Not only did I quickly assure her that her choice of popcorn was healthy enough, but I had to address the demonization of fat that she had now been indoctrinated with. I have seen it enough in the health and fitness world and fortunately most nutritionalists have come around to the current findings that saturated fat is not only OK but also shows evidence of heart protection.

Unfortunately this “health expert” is still using scientifically outdated data and promoting this low-fat type of diet that we now know has no more benefit than drinking a Diet Coke.

Today we got sent home a food log in conjunction with “myPlate” and the USDA that she was supposed to fill out. She told me it wasn’t anyone’s business what she was eating but ours, and I wholeheartedly agreed. The point of the assignment obviously was to find where her chosen foods fit in with the outdated system and again demonize certain foods and praise others, no matter how incorrect the information may be.

The most current science refutes many of the claims made on “myPlate” and Harvard School of Public Health rejects the USDA’s dietary advice as the product of “intense lobbying efforts from a variety of food industries.” This is troubling, and in response Harvard offered their own example, “The Healthy Eating Plate.” Needless to say, I offered to my daughter to come to school so I could discuss the numerous inaccuracies in the “myPlate” with her health teacher. For now she opted to just not complete the assignment and see where that goes. Ha!!

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