Guest Post by Jamil Ahsan Being a male, writing an article on the Mother-In-Law posed to be a challenge. When researching this, I found that discussion forums on the internet (most of them being marriage counseling services both church and professional based)

Getting or staying in shape can be a daunting task, even to someone with experience. When longevity is the goal and staying in shape is the aim, simplicity is key.  In a world that lives to sell you a new piece of

Someone sent me a comment saying “Taking your kids out of school is one of the worst things you can do for your children’s future. They need to be socialized and educated properly so that they can be prepared for future careers

I found Todd when I was looking for the person to thank for making some of the best coffee I have had in my life.  When I found his page I found out that he was an extremely active Dad and through

Vinnie and his drumming have been the backbone to so many bands that have helped shape and mold my musical tastes.  From the infamous Warzone…to the…well, to be honest, every single band he has been a part of has made classic hardcore

“Pub” has been a big supporter of the site from day one. He is an absolutely dedicated father and they type of guy that deserves all the recognition he can get. Deeply loyal to those he cares for, he’s not only a

Matt Henson is an all around stand up guy. With his Rad Dad Feature ( as one of our most read articles, he’s maintained a great friendship with me and also has been a steady a contributor to many of our discussions

If you don’t know Agnostic Front, you’ve been living under a rock. Arguably one of the most important hardcore bands in history, they defined the New York Hardcore sound and have been at it ever since. Mike Gallo has been playing bass

With my first child, potty training was a snap. It didn’t take too much time or effort to get her interested in using the potty. My second child has proven to be the defiant one at every turn. She has plenty of

I first had heard of Jeff Chilton when reading his book The Mushroom Cultivator: A Practical Guide to Growing Mushrooms at Home. This book is considered by many to be the absolute mushroom growers bible. Well, I didn’t end up growing any

I feel lucky to be able to feature so many amazing fathers. Matt is a guy whom I have followed for quite some time and noted on many occasions what a dedicated father he is despite having such a busy life. As

Growing up I was immediately drawn to punk and hardcore. Living in a smaller southern town, I didn’t have access to the venues, bands or even much of the lifestyle of the New York Hardcore scene, yet I strangely felt akin to

Well, ain't that the truth? #causeihavekidsnow #hardcorelifeofmyown #cromags Excerpt from Follow us on Instagram for more.

Freddy Madball has carried the New York Hardcore torch for quite some time now. As the frontman for Madball, he has furiously barked out some of the hardest hitting lyrics that the hardcore scene has ever witnessed. To Freddy, hardcore is more

When I first heard Derrick Grace speak, I realized he had a talent for motivating and inspiring all people. His unconventional style and powerful self-sufficient message made him the perfect candidate for a Modern Day Dad style interview. He embodies the DIY