Managing as a Modern Dad with Green Garden Gold Hemp Oil

By September 6, 2016 Health & Fitness

When I set out to write this review, I wanted to be armed to the teeth with the insane amount of evidence regarding the benefits of CBD. I collected and bookmarked numerous studies from pub med, dog eared trials from books, and made screenshots of real life testimonials on how CBD oil has helped manage a host of ailments that many conventional pharmaceuticals either didn’t address or made worse.

Initially I thought the best approach would be to bore everyone to tears with the peer reviewed, scientific studies I had found proving that CBD oil is really the panacea it claims to be. So I sat in front of my computer screen with my mind going 100 miles per hour, feeling like I was ready to drop a truth bomb about this non-psychoactive and highly beneficial cannabinoid made from 100% legal industrial hemp and I just couldn’t find the right words.

I wrote and deleted the start to this no less than 20 times before I decided perhaps the best approach would be taking a dropper full of my green garden gold hemp oil supplement, mellowing out a bit and doing what I do best, sharing my own personal experience and not the words of others.


Not long after squeezing a dropper of hemp oil with naturally occurring CBD, I feel a lot more calm about writing this, and well, about everything. To say that I suffer from intermittent bouts of anxiety would be accurate, and I have noticed that CBD oil has helped me manage that in a way I had not before.

Usually when I was faced with an anxiety attack I would just wait it out and weather the storm, reassuring myself that most of my troubles were in my mind and that if I could manage the panic, the stomach issues, and the effects on my social interactions, I’d be fine soon enough, but I wasn’t fine, I was pretending and it was getting worse.

This approach unfortunately, up until this point at least, had been the best I had found after much research, trying different supplements, and turning my nose up at highly addictive and dangerous pharmaceuticals suggested to me.

When I was introduced to CBD oil, I came to two realizations, one was that there is no shame in trying to manage your anxiety better, and two that CBD oil a.k.a. Cannabidiol, was the first time I was able to get almost immediate relief from an anxiety attack. Placebo effect or not, I’ve seen studies that support my claim and I’m living and breathing proof.

The benefits for me don’t really stop there, and they have found their way into little nooks and crannies that have ultimately made my life a little bit better.

Many of you are aware that a couple of years back I started on a journey to better health and fitness. However before that, being much heavier, and still skateboarding and riding bmx, I have suffered with long lasting pain and joint injuries that caused me lots of intermittent discomfort.


Again, after a short time, I notice a distinct “buzzing” feeling in my knees and not only is the pain gone, but they feel more fluid and flexible. Combined with some of the topical hemp oil, I am in heaven! After enough injuries, sometimes it’s even hard to get out of the car after sitting for a long time, CBD oil has helped with that in a way that my over all inflammation has been alleviated and my joint pain is almost completely gone.

After a dropper or two of my CBD oil, I notice my mood is better and days where I wake up groggy, tired, or depressed, seem to just breeze by as if I didn’t have a care in the world. All that and I still have a clear mind as there is no “high” associated with CBD at all. The little troubles that would arise in a normal day just seem to pass by like clouds and those small bouts of workplace bickering disappeared entirely.

The biggest change I have seen however is with my wife. Without going too far into detail, she has suffered from intermittent bouts of moderate anxiety and postpartum depression that on their best days were troubling and on the worst were almost crippling. With CBD oil she has been able to manage bouts of mania, and even when taken before bed, she experiences relief and restful sleep when her mind used to keep her awake almost all night.

If you were looking for the pages upon pages of insurmountable evidence, it’s out there. People have done better research than I ever could and many sites are dedicated to the benefits that are even more extensive than the ones that I have experienced. The suggestion that they could help with things like seizures, schizophrenia, and post dramatic stress disorder absolutely blow my mind and I have heard many testimonials from friends that CBD oil is the only thing that has helped them and with no side effects either.

My best testimonial is the fact that I am a continued user of CBD oil. To me it is one supplement that I can count on and find it as important as taking a fish oil or a multivitamin. CBD oil is the entire package and it has changed my life for the better. That is the most honest review I have, and as most of you well know, I can only recommend brands that I believe in and trust. With minimal ingredients and high-quality CBD, Green Garden Gold has become my standard for daily CBD oil intake. Safe, effective, legal in all 50 states, and awesome. Give them a try if you are so inclined and see how your life can change if you need it.

Check out Green Garden Gold Here:


*I wasn’t financially compensated for this post, but did receive samples for review purposes. These opinions are purely based on my own honest experience.

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Rad Dad Feature: Jeremy Smith

By September 6, 2016 Rad Dads

Jeremy Smith has been a long time friend, fan and supporter of the Modern Day Dads pages. He is a dedicated father, avid skateboarder and he works with adults with special needs in addition to caring for his kids. He is a dude that is just so stoked on life and being a dad that it is contagious. One of the most positive folks you could ever want to know. It is my pleasure to be able to share this feature with an all around great guy and rad dad, Jeremy Smith.

1. Tell us about what you do, who you are, and how you balance your career with being a dad?

I work with adults with specials needs, I’m a skateboarder and horror movie junkie.

Being a dad is the best! My little boy has Down syndrome and he’s the most rad kid ever! He’s always down for a fun adventure and he loves going out to the skatepark/skating around the city having fun, he just loves to be out having a blast and a good time! He doesn’t let having a disability affect him, he’s always happy and smiling and he has a heart of gold! He loves books/magazines, so if you see him coming hide your magazines!! Hahaha

My little girl is the best, she loves her big brother!! She is always down for anything fun! She loves going on fun adventures with her rad Mom and me, she loves making card board houses, playing with her cousins and having fun riding her scooter/skateboard. She’s the best!

2. What does being a modern-day dad mean to you?

Being a modern day has it challenges but that’s all part of being a modern day dad and I like the challenges that come with it.

My kids play with their tablets and love to watch YouTube videos but me and their mom don’t let them get too attached to them! They love to be outside, playing, running around at the park/skatepark and our daughter loves to build card board houses and lets her imagination run wild! Our son loves to play with leaves, the grass, the sand, he’s all for being outside!

3. How did becoming a father change your life?

It didn’t change it! It’s just made life better…and more fun! I am a big kid at heart! Our kids keep us young! Now we never have to grow up! Hahahahah

4. Whats the greatest part about being a dad?

Seeing them accomplish their goals and never giving up they keep trying and trying until they get it! And Their smiles everything! Is rad about being a dad!

5. Can you share a funny story about being a father?

When my daughter was 2/3 months old I got up to use the bathroom and I felt around the bed to see if my son was anywhere on our bed and I did not feel him on the bed. As soon as I got up he jumped out of the corner of the bed and onto my back and I am swinging him all over the room trying to figure what the hell is going on! Meanwhile, he’s laughing his ass off having the time of his life!! Hahahahahah

A funny story my daughter told her mom a few weeks ago; “mommy I am going to the moon.” “okay what time will you be back at?” “In a little bit.” “okay be careful. “Mommy I will it’s just pretend!” Hahahahahah

6. What advice can you give any new father out there?

Just keeping being rad dads, and enjoy every moment you get with your kids! Let your kids be themselves, and don’t always think you are right! Always listen to your kids, and keep being rad modern day dads.

Thanks so much dude! I really appreciate you taking the time to do this feature and keep on being a Rad Dad!

Thank for having me Modern Day Dads, thanks to Chely for being a rad modern day mom to our kids, and thank you to Dj and all my good friends at kings well for always being rad! And always being rad to my two rad kids and my good bud Agustin for always being rad and always going on fun adventures with us!!

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How An XBox Gift Card Makes The Perfect Back-To-School Gift

By August 30, 2016 Everyday, Sponsored

I don’t know what it is about fourth grade, but my daughter just isn’t looking forward to this year. I think it has something to do with the transition from going to school and having fun, and actually doing some work. Last year she had a taste of her first state testing and The stress it puts on both the students and the teachers all year was really unreal.

Kids are really starting to develop their own personalities and cliques get created, new friends are made and old friends are lost. Socially it can be a rough time, and academically it becomes a bit more of a burden than the years before. It’s always stressful with new teachers, new faces, and new rules after almost 3 months of summer time. Not to mention, she still is trying to figure out what she wants to wear for the first day!

For the longest time I have been putting little notes and treats in her lunch just to give her that extra boost to make it through the day. Some days it’s just friendly reminder that she has what it takes, other times it’s a special dessert that I know will make her smile and recently I’ve been hiding little rewards and tokens of affection for a week well done.

Just as she is growing up, so do the rewards. I used to hide a quarter in her lunchbox for her to buy something from the school store, now the school store isn’t as much of a thrill anymore.

This year however, I have a plan that will keep her motivated, keep her on track, and give her a reward she can appreciate. Can you imagine her face as she opens her lunch box on a Friday after a week well done, filled with fantastic grades and a positive attitude to boot, and finds a gift card to Xbox live nestled right next to her peanut butter and jelly sandwich?



I know it’s just the kind of reward that my fourth-grader will appreciate, and will be something that she and I can use together. Times have changed since I was a child, and I don’t think a brand-new football book cut it anymore. But after she has finished her homework, and had a little outside time, I don’t see anything wrong with the lighting in a bit of video games. That’s not to say that mom and dad don’t enjoy playing them as well.

You can pick up a gift card from Gift Card Mall at your local grocery store or easily get one online at!

This post is sponsored by Gift Card Mall.

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The Four Agreements Printable (pdf)

By August 29, 2016 Art, DIY, Everyday

The Four Agreements is a powerful book that helped to transform my mindset and change my life in a very positive way. The inspiration behind this drawing is that it always helps to keep these on my mind. Feel free to print this out and use it as your own personal reminder.

As for me, these concepts have helped me to become a better person, and allowed me to leave a lot of baggage behind in my dealings with others. The book poses many good questions about the struggles we face, and offers very simple solutions, making this a book I highly recommend to anyone that asks for a good read.

Pick up a copy of The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz here: The Four Agreements on Amazon. and learn more about don Miguel Ruiz on
Download full size image here: impeccable.pdf

Instructions for saving/printing: Click the pdf and save it to your computer. From there, you should be able to print in your preferred size.

If you decide to print it up, tag us on instagram (@ModernDayDads), we would love to see.

View our other printables and artwork here.


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Rad Dad Feature: Jack Kelly of Slapshot

By August 24, 2016 Rad Dads

I have anticipated few features more than this one. When a friend of mine asked me a while back who is one person I wish I could do this interview with that I haven’t yet, I immediately blurted out “Jack Kelly of Slapshot.” Few bands spoke to me the way Slapshot did in hardcore music. They always seemed like they were on the outside, even in their own scene and almost every song belted out was something I could relate to. Never one to shy away from speaking his mind, the tales I had heard of Slapshot and their show antics were almost as impressive and terrifying as their music. With their patented tongue in cheek humor mixed with hard and serious stances on everything from relationships, drug abuse, the hardcore scene, and anything else that pissed “Choke” off, Slapshot was to me, the ultimate definition of a hardcore band.

Much to my surprise, Jack is a really funny (his Instagram is proof enough) and friendly guy that just beams with pride about his very talented daughters. He is a very dedicated, yet realistic father who understands that as important as it is to be active and supportive for your kids, there’s a lot of merit in standing back and watching them blossom on their own. It is my pleasure to share this feature with you all with the infamous hardcore icon, and very Rad Dad, Jack Kelly.

1. Tell us about what you do, who you are, and how you balance your career with being a dad?

I’m a barber/hair stylist by trade and an incredible internet troll by night, and the frontman for Slapshot, Stars and Stripes, Last Rights, and Negative FX.

Being a dad is the easiest thing I may have ever done. Never thought I’d be so fucking good at it. It’s all a matter of staying the fuck out of the way and letting my girls do their thing. Encouraging them to do whatever. Even if it’s staying up all night or doing whatever they do in their rooms all night. I keep tabs just to keep them safe but as teenage girls go, mine are amazing. Straight A students in one of the toughest schools in the US. They don’t give a shit about boys. They both don’t drink or do drugs.

I leave them alone because I don’t have to be on them. Easy.

2. What does being a modern-day dad mean to you?

Well. I guess the Internet is most likely the biggest thing in modern day kids lives so it stands to figure it’s in mine too. I’m basically still a 12 year old boy so I relate to them in so many ways.
I think I surprise them when something they discover or become interested in, I’m already aware of. That generation gap just doesn’t exist in our lives. They introduce me to many things and I them.

3. How did becoming a father change your life?

It didn’t really. It just changed the way I drive. I drive older than I am, and maybe the hours I keep.

4. Whats the greatest part about being a dad?

Watching them accomplish things. One learned Russian in a Summer…on her own. Their report cards, just all of it. I have a lot of pride.

5. Can you share a funny story about being a father?

My older daughter had met a boy on her Minecraft server and had talked to him for nearly a year.
That Summer we decided to get them to meet and I took her to Six Flags for the day. His parents were from the Ukraine and his mom didn’t speak a lick of English. I followed them around for about 45 minutes then once I realized it was all ok, I went to the cafe and basically live blogged the afternoon through Facebook.

I think a lot of people had a great time following the updates that day.

6. What advice can you give any new father out there?

Don’t give in to what others tell you the way things should be. Your kids are your kids. Just relax and let them be themselves. DON’T BE YOUR PARENTS. Be your own parent.

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this feature. You’ve been a huge motivator to me for years through your music, and I am stoked to see how inspiriting you are as a father as well. Truth be told, it’s just really cool when your idols don’t let you down. It’s few and far between these days. So here’s to hoping this was a well needed break from answering if you are still straight edge or not, and I wish you continued success.



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A Moment of Mindfulness

By August 23, 2016 Everyday

I’ve heard that snakes represent #healing, #transformation, and life changes. It’s been said that the spirit of the snake is connected to life force, #primal #energy and #spiritual guidance.

I’ve just always thought they were cool and despite a pretty healthy fear of them biting me, I’ve always been attracted to snakes. This guy is pretty lucky I saw him before the lawnmower caught him. Whatever the snake was doing or if it had some cosmic #mystical purpose, it reminded me to stop to smell the roses, or in this case, to stop and explore the snake.

It’s pretty easy to get wrapped up in work and routine and forget that we have that choice every single day. I’m glad I chose to hang with the snake instead of having my mind so focused on finishing the task before the rain rolls in… A moment of mindfulness and a recharge to get back to whatever it is that needs to get done.

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Taste Test Challenge

By August 22, 2016 Everyday

Bored on a Friday night? Yeah, we were too. We played the "taste test challenge" where I blindfolded my daughter and made her guess which condiment she though I was giving her. She thought grape jelly was pickle relish and that ranch was salsa! . Amazing, the things we do to entertain ourselves.

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Relatable Parent Moment #157

By August 19, 2016 Everyday

Relatable Parent Moment #157.

Pretending to poop so you can check your Instagram in peace.

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