Old time values: Getting to know your neighbor

By October 3, 2016 Parenting, Tips & Tricks

I’ve lived on my block for almost 10 years. In that time I really only got to know the neighbors that live immediately around my house. Even then, we all know have that neighbor that never says hello and sticks to themselves no matter how long they have resided next-door to you and your family.

It seems pretty common actually, to live on a street for a number of years and not really know any of the people around you. Though it’s been said that I have the “gift of gab”, I really didn’t step too much out of my comfort zone when it came to really trying to get to know the people living on my street for quite some time.

A while back there were a few break-ins on my block and it occurred to me that it was probably more important than I thought to get to know the people around me. Coupled with having a new baby that joined me on my morning walk routine, I started to introduce myself to everyone I would run into and make it a point to learn their name and shake their hand. Not just the nod and smile, but really get to know them.

When our family started routine evening walks, I think it became quite a spectacle for my oldest daughter. Every couple of houses I would stop and say hello to a neighbor and she would marvel at the fact that I knew almost everyone on our street by name.

Your house is your castle and your street is a village, and it really is in your best interest to get to know the folks around you. For one, social interaction is a pretty healthy thing, and it really does change the feel of your home knowing that you have friends around you. For two, though no one will keep a better eye on your home then yourself, it certainly helps to have friends that will keep an eye on things when you are out of town and report the type of folks that are trying to jimmy their way into your window.

In this information age where most of us have our faces glued to a computer screen (myself included) it becomes increasingly more important to form real relationships with the folks we know. It has long since been proven that people who feel they are a part of a community live happier and healthier lives, less isolated and less depressed.

So why not give a nod back to the old fashion values of getting to know the people on your block. When I was growing up my folks knew everybody within a mile radius or more, and nowadays many people don’t even know their next-door neighbor. You’d be surprised how a five-minute conversation with your neighbor about the weather can change your whole outlook on the day, the feel of your neighborhood and the bonds of community.

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My reality is anything but perfect

By October 1, 2016 Everyday, Parenting

I never thought about writing for a “blog.” I just didn’t see anything online (and still don’t) that speaks to US. You know, the Punk rock, hardcore, hip hop, skateboarding, weightlifting, pissed off, spit on, tattooed, outcast types like you and I.

Early on I realized I did things differently, and being heavily tattooed, skateboarding and always listening to loud music, I seemed to shatter the world’s expectations of what type of dad I would be. People assumed because I didn’t look the part, I would be another deadbeat dad, well screw them. All of them. Quick to admit mistakes, I just move on and learn from them. So, my daily life started to turn into these lengthy messages I’d share with friends, and eventually the type of content you see on this page. Nothing has changed, I’m still writing to a friends. You.

I can’t pretend my life is picture perfect, I don’t think about what would be popular or “safe” topics, and I don’t care too much about who I piss off. I’s as real as it gets. I couldn’t fake it if I tried and I know most of you can’t either. These are our lives, our reality, the life of Modern Day Dads.

My reality is anything but perfect, and I’m riddled with imperfections. My life has its up and downs, high points, frustrations, and countdowns until the kids go to sleep just so I can stay sane.

I have good days, bad days, great days and sometimes days that make me want to rip out the hair I have left.I wouldn’t trade it for anything though, and I know it’s the reality many of us live in. There’s no dark without light, and it’s paramount to connect with other folks to realize we’ve got the best job in the world, being a dad and we’ve got to keep on doing what we do. This page has always been about connecting.

We are all in this together and we can break the cycle, we can be the better man, we can break the chains of what society tells us we are and we can be some damn good husbands, fathers, brothers, and friends. We define ourselves, no one else. Thank YOU all for your support, and thank YOU all for inspiring me to stay the course.

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Modern Day Dads Starter Pack

By September 29, 2016 Everyday

Pretty accurate, except it’s missing the fact that I’m going bald, swear too much, eat pizza three nights a week, and pretend to lift weights for the ultimate #dadbod.

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The solution is always to follow your heart.

By September 23, 2016 Everyday

Well, we dipped our toes into the world of homeschooling… My biggest concern was how my daughter would be able to integrate back into traditional school if she wanted to in later years. Though my opinion of the “regular” school model is that it is almost obsolete, I realize my experiences in education and the school system should not foreshadow the opportunities my daughter might want in the future.

The few days were a mix of enjoyable breakthroughs and unpleasant breakdowns. I could see that my daughter craved the structure and we adjusted accordingly.

Through the process, I couldn’t help but feel like I was just a temporary stand-in for her teacher until we found a more sustainable solution.

By the end of the week our concerns about her future in schooling came to a head when I realized she wanted me to just be her dad, not her teacher.

She needed me to teach her how to curse when you hit your hand with a hammer and why I think aliens exist; not turn each day into Dad standing in front of a chalkboard harping on math problems.

It wasn’t going to be fun for either of us and she’s just too smart for us to screw this up, so we needed a solution, and fast.

We couldn’t experiment any longer, the signs were clear. She needed the structure, without the distractions of the traditional classroom.

We found a middle ground in what is known as a virtual school program. Not exactly regular school, not exactly homeschool. In this model she is able to participate in normal curriculum, engage with others and have a schedule, a teacher, and learn accountability in a way that I see the future going: online.

After a week we experienced that homeschool’s most liberal model wouldn’t work for any of us at all. We were selling our daughter short in a way that was not productive and trying to wear all the hats instead of the most important one, just being parents.

Though our limited experience with homeschool may have derailed a bit, it lead us to the perfect solution for us. There’s no shame in dusting yourself off and trying again. There is no “one size fits all” solution to any problem. As a parent, the solution is always to follow your heart.

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First off…

By September 21, 2016 Everyday

First off: I normally don’t comment on current event, tabloid BS, but this grinded my gears.

Women all over swooned for this douchebag, and here he is making us good men look bad by screwing around on Angelina Jolie. I don’t care about tabloids or this gross media circus that shows up on my news feed, but I do care that I see the narrative that “no woman is safe”, and somehow around the corner is a temptress lurking to steal her man.

If your man steps out on you it’s because he’s a shit bag, its not because some one gave him a sly glance and ruined your world. Maybe it’s time real dads are celebrated, and these clowns are tossed to the trash. I might have ugly teeth and be going bald, I might curse when I get mad or forget to take out the trash all the time, but I for damn sure won’t be screwing around on my wife, or ruining my kids lives and innocence or their faith in good men just so I can prove my status as supreme a-hole by f**cking someone behind my lady’s back.

Granted IDGAF about popular culture, or Brad Pitt (since fight club anyway), I hate to see that this is just another “normal story” and people either excuse it, or expect it. I’m thankful that most everyone I interact with on this page is a whole hell of a lot better than this. Salute to all you good dads, husbands, and family men out there. End rant.

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Why we do what we do

By September 21, 2016 Everyday

Sometimes the best reminders of why we do what we do…come from friends. Heavy quote from one of our earliest “rad dad feature” articles with David Amelotte.

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It takes someone special to be a Dad.

By September 20, 2016 Everyday

Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a Dad. That’s one of the most realest sayings that I’ve ever heard. My own father got off easy. Occasional letters on a birthday, a set of dog tags, and I’ll give credit where it’s due, he did pay child support on time. That’s the only credit he gets from me. A father makes a child, a Dad raises one. From how to throw a football, to how to protect your family, a fathers role is invaluable in a child’s life. No bones about it, children need their parents.

The love, the care, the guidance…from both of them.Kids aren’t a bargaining chip any more than they are someone you can pawn off, pay off, or chalk up to making a mistake and forget about forever. I’m thankful I was able to learn what not to do from my own father, but even when I’ve had the hardest days, the longest nights, the thankless experiences, I wouldn’t trade any of it so I could get off easy, writing a letter here and there and sending a check.

A Dad puts in the work. A Dad earns his title. A Dad is one of the hardest jobs you could ever have, and everyday I'm thankful to get up and do it again and again. Salute to all the good Dads out there.

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Managing as a Modern Dad with Green Garden Gold Hemp Oil

By September 6, 2016 Health & Fitness

When I set out to write this review, I wanted to be armed to the teeth with the insane amount of evidence regarding the benefits of CBD. I collected and bookmarked numerous studies from pub med, dog eared trials from books, and made screenshots of real life testimonials on how CBD oil has helped manage a host of ailments that many conventional pharmaceuticals either didn’t address or made worse.

Initially I thought the best approach would be to bore everyone to tears with the peer reviewed, scientific studies I had found proving that CBD oil is really the panacea it claims to be. So I sat in front of my computer screen with my mind going 100 miles per hour, feeling like I was ready to drop a truth bomb about this non-psychoactive and highly beneficial cannabinoid made from 100% legal industrial hemp and I just couldn’t find the right words.

I wrote and deleted the start to this no less than 20 times before I decided perhaps the best approach would be taking a dropper full of my green garden gold hemp oil supplement, mellowing out a bit and doing what I do best, sharing my own personal experience and not the words of others.


Not long after squeezing a dropper of hemp oil with naturally occurring CBD, I feel a lot more calm about writing this, and well, about everything. To say that I suffer from intermittent bouts of anxiety would be accurate, and I have noticed that CBD oil has helped me manage that in a way I had not before.

Usually when I was faced with an anxiety attack I would just wait it out and weather the storm, reassuring myself that most of my troubles were in my mind and that if I could manage the panic, the stomach issues, and the effects on my social interactions, I’d be fine soon enough, but I wasn’t fine, I was pretending and it was getting worse.

This approach unfortunately, up until this point at least, had been the best I had found after much research, trying different supplements, and turning my nose up at highly addictive and dangerous pharmaceuticals suggested to me.

When I was introduced to CBD oil, I came to two realizations, one was that there is no shame in trying to manage your anxiety better, and two that CBD oil a.k.a. Cannabidiol, was the first time I was able to get almost immediate relief from an anxiety attack. Placebo effect or not, I’ve seen studies that support my claim and I’m living and breathing proof.

The benefits for me don’t really stop there, and they have found their way into little nooks and crannies that have ultimately made my life a little bit better.

Many of you are aware that a couple of years back I started on a journey to better health and fitness. However before that, being much heavier, and still skateboarding and riding bmx, I have suffered with long lasting pain and joint injuries that caused me lots of intermittent discomfort.


Again, after a short time, I notice a distinct “buzzing” feeling in my knees and not only is the pain gone, but they feel more fluid and flexible. Combined with some of the topical hemp oil, I am in heaven! After enough injuries, sometimes it’s even hard to get out of the car after sitting for a long time, CBD oil has helped with that in a way that my over all inflammation has been alleviated and my joint pain is almost completely gone.

After a dropper or two of my CBD oil, I notice my mood is better and days where I wake up groggy, tired, or depressed, seem to just breeze by as if I didn’t have a care in the world. All that and I still have a clear mind as there is no “high” associated with CBD at all. The little troubles that would arise in a normal day just seem to pass by like clouds and those small bouts of workplace bickering disappeared entirely.

The biggest change I have seen however is with my wife. Without going too far into detail, she has suffered from intermittent bouts of moderate anxiety and postpartum depression that on their best days were troubling and on the worst were almost crippling. With CBD oil she has been able to manage bouts of mania, and even when taken before bed, she experiences relief and restful sleep when her mind used to keep her awake almost all night.

If you were looking for the pages upon pages of insurmountable evidence, it’s out there. People have done better research than I ever could and many sites are dedicated to the benefits that are even more extensive than the ones that I have experienced. The suggestion that they could help with things like seizures, schizophrenia, and post dramatic stress disorder absolutely blow my mind and I have heard many testimonials from friends that CBD oil is the only thing that has helped them and with no side effects either.

My best testimonial is the fact that I am a continued user of CBD oil. To me it is one supplement that I can count on and find it as important as taking a fish oil or a multivitamin. CBD oil is the entire package and it has changed my life for the better. That is the most honest review I have, and as most of you well know, I can only recommend brands that I believe in and trust. With minimal ingredients and high-quality CBD, Green Garden Gold has become my standard for daily CBD oil intake. Safe, effective, legal in all 50 states, and awesome. Give them a try if you are so inclined and see how your life can change if you need it.

Check out Green Garden Gold Here: http://greengardengold.com/


*I wasn’t financially compensated for this post, but did receive samples for review purposes. These opinions are purely based on my own honest experience.

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