“Write your child a letter”

I tell my daughter I love her all the time. I never know if she really actually knows how much I love her though. I have always said, never waste a chance to let you child know how much the mean to you, so this is what I did lately, and I urge you to do it as well.

The other night I wrote my daughter a letter and put it on her pillow before bed. After I knew she was done I went in the room to see if she liked it and she had tears in her eyes. “I didn’t mean to make you cry!” I said. Then she and I laughed, hugged and I tucked her into bed. I was glad that I wrote it, and she kept the letter in her drawer for quite some time.

Anyway, this is for her. It means so much to your children to hear “I love you”, even if they act like they have heard it a million times. They always need it and taking the time to write to them, shows them exactly how much you really care in a creative and special way. Give it a shot!

My Dearest Daughter,

I know you can’t see yourself through my eyes but sometimes I wish that you could. When I look at you I see the most beautiful girl I have seen in the entire world. I’m not just saying that because I’m your dad, I’m saying it because it’s true.

You have a sense of style that most people don’t get until they are in high school. You have cool fashions and you have always stuck by wearing the coolest clothes, shoes, and outfits.

You are sensitive, thoughtful, and caring. Most kids your age don’t care about anything but themselves but consistently since you are old enough to talk you have cared about others. You are someone that nurtures and cherishes your friendships and the way you are is just so beautiful to me.

You are such a strong and tough girl it amazes me. I know it must be hard sometimes to be a kid, but it just shows how strong and smart you can be by never bringing other people down. You are someone that builds people up and you inspire people to be better than they are. You certainly have done that for me.

I might be older, but that doesn’t mean I know anymore about this world then you do. I have been around a lot longer and seen a lot of things, but you are every bit as wise as I am.

You are so talented and creative that I can’t wait to see all the many things you will do in your life. You are a very talented artist, a beautiful singer, and you have the drive to do anything you want to do in life. You are just as creative as you are athletic. You can run and jump and dance with the best of them.

I know you can’t see the same amazing person that I see when I look at you, but next time you look in the mirror really take a good look at yourself. I am in constant awe just knowing that you are going to be one of the most amazing people that this earth has ever seen. You are smart, strong, talented, creative, caring, a good friend, and so much more. I hope that not only do you know what, but that you really believe it.

I am confident that you are going to have so many amazing adventures in your life. Everyone has ups and downs, but I know you will live a life of excitement. Follow your talents and dreams, and most of all I know you will be following your heart.

I love you so much. -Dad



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