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“Workout Gear: Adex Club Review”

The thing about fitness is that there is no magic bullet. The key to staying in shape is finding an activity you enjoy, or many activities you enjoy, and to not stop doing them. When it comes to diet, the same thing applies. There is no magic recipe or diet plan, it all boils down to what works for you.

My passion for unconventional training types started a while back as I found them to be simple, effective, and unique enough to maintain my interest. I started with one kettle bell and felt like I had unlocked and magic door. For the first time I was actually seeing the results I was after. This type of training just worked for me, my body type, and my attention span.

Just as you can with conventional training, after a while I felt like I hit a plateau and my solution was to add a little more variety to my mix. Additionally, I wanted a tool I can use on rest days that wasn’t quite so heavy and could help rehab my body from any injuries I may have accrued throughout the week, as well as lingering issues I’ve had through much of my adult life like shoulder pain and tight knees. Though kettle bells and maces were helping me gain size and strength (no kettle bells aren’t just for cardio), I was still looking for a rehab tool, something a little lighter weight, something I can use on off days, and that is what brought me to club training. Clubs have long been a training tool in India and an effective training system for Wrestlers and Warriors of Persia alike. Club swinging has proven itself great for use on joint mobility and addressing the exact type of issues that I was having with my shoulders and back in addition to strength training.

At this point I knew I was interested in trying some clubs, but what size? I knew I needed lighter clubs for the rehab I was interested in doing, but also from experience, knew I would outgrow them in no time and again would be needing another pair. A set of clubs would be quite pricey and I almost scrapped the idea altogether until a friend suggested I look into Adex Clubs.

Adex essentially makes one tool that is six clubs in one. An adjustable club that starts out at 3.5 pounds then with the top screwed in, it’s a 5 pound club. From there it has attachments in 5 pound increments all the way up to 25 pounds. I had six clubs in one for hardly the price of a single pair of heavy clubs.

For what was offered, the price was quite reasonable so I promptly made an order. What surprised me the most was the almost immediate shipping and arrival of my package. Adex clubs are made in the USA, Florida to be exact, by a passionate and inventive guy named Donnie. I popped open my box and there was a carefully packaged club set, and included was a hand written note thanking me for my purchase and some tips to extend the life of the club. Adex offers a lifetime guarantee, but it’s almost like the hand written touch makes all the difference in believing it.

This club is something that you can see Donnie put his passion into and that’s what sets him apart. I sent him a message asking a question about the club’s function and he almost immediately responded with some tips, and made himself totally available for inquiry any time. It’s few and far between you get to talk to the guy that makes the product, uses the product and stands by his work. Donnie is a rare gem in the fitness world, that’s for sure.

Training with this club has become a pleasure. I have been able to warm up with the five and 10 pound settings, and used references from the Adex site in learning many of the basic moves you can perform with this club for joint mobility and conditioning. For a full body workout, I have been using it fully loaded at the 25 pounds and have found it to be a great way to fine tune the muscles in my core, my triceps, and full body movements that includes squats and presses.

When it comes to functional fitness, not only do I want to build functional strength, but it’s not functional if I can’t afford the price tag. Adex Clubs address this problem by creating a better, more functional club for the everyman. This is a six and one club at a fair price and technically if this was the only piece of equipment you had at all, you would still be able to get a fantastic workout for all your days. My stiff joints have become a little bit looser, and I am pleased to have this piece of equipment in my arsenal. It may not replace all of my other equipment, but it certainly makes a fantastic addition to anyone’s home gym.

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