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“Working on the Inside”

I see you out there, New Years resolution dads! I see your fitness goals for 2016. Listen to me, SMASH THOSE GOALS! There is no goal you can’t reach. This is the thought for 2016 that I’d like to become your mantra for the year. Nothing is unattainable. Nothing. It might take you a month, it might take you ten years but you deserve to be the best version of yourself you can be. You deserve it and your family deserves it too.

My “body transformation” might appear to be a reflection of vanity, or a motivation to look better and feel better. It might even seem like I’m showing off. That’s not my intention. I don’t post a lot of these pics, but there’s a purpose. Yes, looking good naked, wearing a regular size shirt; those are superficial rewards that you will enjoy, but it’s so much more than that.

When I look at this picture I see the reflection of someone who overcame a crippling depression, someone who turned their back on self medicating day in and day out, who BEAT addiction, someone who believed in love and family, someone who’s goals evolved, changed, and continue to drive them to this day. Someone who was willing to put their ego in check so they could put themselves first for once.

How’d I do it? Hard work. I didn’t follow any fad diets, I didn’t use a quick fix, No pills or supplements. I dropped over 100lbs of anger, sadness, anxiety and sickness and have kept it off for years. I started working on the inside first, rebuilt my soul, my self, and the outside slowly started coming together. I replaced destructive behavior with productive activities, found some fitness equipment I could enjoy and changed my mindset about almost everything.

It took a long time to get there, and now instead of focusing on the negatives, I can focus on the positives. I didn’t change my diet, I changed my life. I looked at the reasons and found that my obesity wasn’t from “eating too much”, it was from using food as a tool to combat the isolation of our modern society. Having a family gave me the push I needed to start the journey and I fell off plenty of times only to come back stronger, more committed and more motivated than before.


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