“Wolves not Sheep”

Being a parent is the only job where even people with zero experience want to offer you opinions as if they have any clue. Ignore the advice of the masses, if you try your best and follow your heart, there are no regrets.

The most important piece of advice I was ever given is that there is no right way to be a parent. Sometimes we make mistakes, but how we handle those mistakes is what separates the good from the great.

Just as the mistakes our children make are part of the learning process for them, it’s important to realize that being a parent is a learning process for us as well. Be confident in your decisions and act with conviction, there’s always tomorrow.

Sometimes a thankless job, our children might not see the motivation behind what we do for them. Others might think we aren’t the “right type” of parent. Our children might not appreciate the sacrifices we have made until they are much older, if ever at all, and society might look down on the values we teach our children urging us to fall in line.

It’s all just flies buzzing around the head of a warrior.

As thankless as it might sometimes feel, the reward of being a parent is infinitely greater than anything on earth. Knowing you did all you could to prepare a child for the world, teaching them to the best of your ability about love and protection, safety and security, respect and family. Having the pride of knowing we did the best we could for our family, our children and ourselves, that’s the greatest reward I can think of. Standing out from the pack, a wolf amongst sheep, that’s the mark of a great man, and it is our duty to be great.


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