“When our kids are small they believe…”

When our kids are small they believe that the earth revolves around them. In many cases they truly are the center of their own universe. In the beginning most parents agree with this concept subconsciously and give the child all of their attention. There is no fault in that but as a result, a child learns to believe that everything that happens to them is either for their benefit, or against them to frustrate or hurt them. Lately I have seen a lot of this "center of the universe" attitude, and though in the beginning it fosters an attitude of personal importance, when kids get older they experience a lot of frustration and confusion when they come to terms with this theory.🤔 This especially is true when people around them have contradictory ideas and differing opinions or even believe that they are the center of their own universe. An important trait we can give to our children is understanding. I clearly remember the day that I realized I was not the center of my own universe. Much of that realization had to do with me having kids. Now I try and impart a bit of duality and though I truly believe my kids are capable of great things, I also try and remind them that their opinions are no more or less important than anyone else's. Helping your children come to terms with, or even coming to terms with it yourself, letting go of the perspective of extreme personal importance, it's a lot easier to share and debate your own personal points of view. When you realize that things might not always go your way, and help your children come to terms with occasional disappointments as well as victories, they won't grow up feeling so victimized when things don't go as planned and won't have an attitude that they alone are not responsible for their actions.️

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