“Whatever it takes”

I’ve been a dishwasher, a grocery bagger, a video store clerk, a ticket taker, a landscaper, a telemarketer, a pizza maker, worked at a comic store, helped run a record shop, worked a concession stand, worked a smoke shop, washed more dishes, tended bar, been a line cook, worked in AC, been a writer, an artist and even a tattooer.

None of those jobs mean anything compared to the greatest job I have ever had and that’s being a FATHER.

I’ve done whatever I had to, and there’s no shame in doing what you have to so that you can give your family the best life possible. I’ve worked to keep the lights on, I’ve quit when jobs wouldn’t let me off for the holidays, I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck and I’ve given the middle finger to a boss that thinks the dollar is more important than family.

The one thing I can say is, I’ve done whatever I had to do and family comes first.


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