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“Wellscent Dental Health Product Review”

If you are looking for an excuse to avoid the dentist chair, then look no further than your own bathroom. Chances are you have been brushing and flossing and still have sensitive teeth and gums that land you in the dentists office much more often than you would like. When it comes to taking care of our teeth, something that we all know is pretty important, most of us have no idea where to start. Many people are are open to the ideas that you can take care of your body holistically, ward off sicknesses with natural remedies and keep yourself in peak fitness through diet and exercise. What people are now learning is that perhaps our dentists haven’t taught us the correct way to take care of our teeth.

We have been told to floss, but not how to floss. We have been told to brush but not want to brush with and how to brush our teeth correctly. We are using harsh chemicals on our teeth and in our mouth’s that kill off the good bacteria that is necessary for our teeth and do nothing to remineralize our precious enamel coated chompers. Despite our best efforts we have to realize that our regular toothpaste and mouthwash isn’t enough. We still are getting cavities, or gums are still red and swollen and our mouth’s could be much healthier.

Our friends at Wellscent understand this and want to help. By offering toothpaste replacements and mineral rich polishes we can treat our teeth and mouth to the very best with science backed methods that work, not methods that are motivated by creating more dental patients and selling more toothpaste.

Wellscent’s “watch your mouth” extreme clean toothpaste replacement and mouthwash is a blend of pure, therapeutic, organic oils that are proven to reduce the bacteria that cause bad breath and cavities. Considerably stronger than your regular toothpaste yet gentle at the same time it is an antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral blend that protects your mouth. When “watch your mouth” is used with their “shine” mineral rich brightener and polisher, you have the full package. Surprisingly delicious and gentle on your teeth this exfoliating tooth brightener contains natural ingredients that inhibit bacteria, gingivitis, bad breath and inflammation.

It’s a simple process and when you combine the essential oils with the polisher you have the full package. The science behind this stuff speaks for itself with time tested facts about its ingredients, and studies speak to the dental health of populations outside of our Western civilization. It might be hard at first to make the switch entirely, but let your mouth speak for itself.

Just as it is important how I take care of my body on so many facets, we are learning how dental health also affects how we feel. Exercising regularly, eating well and taking care of your teeth all go hand in hand.

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