“We have to raise children who are defenders and protectors, not bullies.”

Every time I post something about #bullying there’s always at least one person that says something about “kids need to toughen up these days” or “blah blah generation of pu$$ies” or whatever regurgitated Neanderthalic nonsense.
My question to those tough guys is, is an 11-year old girl who beat brain cancer tough enough for you?

I used to think that way as well though. I’d tell my kid it certainly was fair for playground justice to prevail when some of her caretakers were too inept to address bullying. Not all kids are made to be heroes though. Some kids just want to be left alone to be creative, artistic and sensitive. The solution shouldn’t be passed off as if the victim should change their personality because some worthless little brats, whose parents have zero accountability for how their kids treat others, bully someone to suicide.
Let me guess? She should have taken a boxing class and knocked her tormentors down one by one, then faced the consequences of expulsion because no one would come to her defense, her side, and she should just suck it up and fight back?

What’s the excuse? The accountability lies on squarely on the parents who raised other 11 year olds capable of literally bullying someone to death.

I’m all for an eye for an eye, I’m all for mustering up all your strength and bravery and finally socking a bully right in the eye, I’m all for street justice 9 times out of 10.
For the kids who’ve had it enough, who can’t, won’t, don’t defend themselves, we have to be their advocates. We have to raise children who are defenders and protectors, not bullies. We have to raise kids who stand up for others, so maybe the weak and broken down won’t have to muster up courage when their is none left.

For this, there is no excuse. Talk to your kids about bullying, about protecting, about helping, about caring for others…don’t humiliate them for not being brace enough, or strong enough, because that isn’t their job. Their job is to be a kid, it’s our job to make sure they can be one.



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