“We are human”

I’m a problem solver. I don’t like to sit around and wallow in misery, I like to solve problems swiftly.

Argument? Let’s handle it.
Flat tire? Change it.
Leaky sink? Fix it.
Offended? Get over yourself and step into reality you weak little motherf…whoa, let me settle down a bit.

I think many of us men have a “fix it” mentality. No time to be upset, let’s solve it. It’s worked well for us so far, so when that approach doesn’t work, what do we do?

You know what? I have no idea. I don’t have any advice. That’s as real as it gets. My response is fight or flight, and I’m no good with sitting around talking about feelings. I’ll admit it and I’m ok with that.

My wife is a little more level headed. Sometimes she even reminds me that not all problems need an immediate fix, sometimes for example, my daughter just needs to vent, then she’s over it.
That’s what I enjoy about being a parent. I learn from my mistakes, from my daughter and if I can shut up long enough, sometimes I even learn something from my wife. I’m trying to work on my response when it comes to the hiccups in the day, being a little more forgiving and a little less ready to fly off the handle any time anyone looks at me cross.

The important thing is that we remember that we are human, we make mistakes, hopefully we learn from them and don’t repeat them.

As many times as my “fix it mentality” has got me nowhere, it has solved a lot of stuff too. After all, you don’t see a leaky sink in my house, and I’m still convinced if the first real date with my wife didn’t end up with her pulling me out of the middle of a bar brawl, we wouldn’t be where we are today.


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