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“Top 5 Travel Essentials by Poler”

To be honest, I just couldn’t travel without POLER. I need stuff that can withstand a beating, moving, being packed to the brim, coffee spilled on, and my head resting on between flights. I need functional, strong stuff that I am able to take camping in the grungiest of backwoods, and into any urban setting, or upscale hotel as well. I need class, comfort and durability. POLER stuff has it all.

Here are my top 5 travel essentials, and they all come from POLER. This is no coincidence. POLER has been the specialist for the worlds highest quality stuff for adventurers. Their products are made for the regular people like us that need some good gear to help make memories with our kids, friends and family. It’s for people that aren’t climbing Mt. Everest (well not yet anyway) but people that actually live adventure.  A weekend at a cabin, a night under the stars, a road trip, a weekender, a flight to Mexico for some authentic tacos. That’s POLER.

I believe in these guys and I honestly dig EVERYTHING they do. Given that we all know to pack our iPhones, dental floss and matches, the real important travel items are things that are hardly ever addressed like “what do we pack our stuff in?” “What am I going to sleep in?” “What should I put my coffee in? (which incidentally is most important for me) “What should I do about my bald head on a hiking excursion through the wintry northwest?”

POLER has got you covered. POLER has always had you covered, maybe you just didn’t know it. They make camping cooler, as if camping needed any more help. It won’t be hard for you to take a look around the pictures and adventures that follow on Modern Day Dads and see that POLER also will be there every step of the way with us.

Here are my Top 5 POLER Travel essentials.

1. Hats. I will be honest, one thing I can never get enough of are hats, especially on vacation. I don’t know about you, but I’m a little light in the hair department on top, and I make sure to keep my head covered for more than one reason. Beanies are the ultimate head covering for me. They can be tucked away, come in handy for numerous reasons (cleaning up spills?) and keep my head from getting cold, sunburned, and the remainder of my hair from needing to be combed. I always pack along a few to keep my options open, and my wife and daughter always want to wear one too when it gets cold at night. Bring one for everyone in your family. I am serious. Pictured are the Worker Man Beanie in Teal, The Tube City Beanie in Petunia, The Camp Vibes Beanie in Grey and The Rainier Vibes Beanie in Black and Orange.

2. The Mini Duffle, in Burnt Orange. Sometimes I don’t need a big bag. Say I am just going away for the weekend, or if you pack like me, the week. A backpack is too small, a duffel is too large, and this is what you need in between. It’s carry on size, so it is perfect for the weekend getaway by plane as well. It has a small side zip pocket for your phone, keys or others small items. Just like it’s big brother the Duffaluffagus, the Mini Duffle has skateboard straps on the bottom to make it easy to carry your board with you when you’re not cruising around on it.

3. The Napsack, in Green.  This is what every serious traveler needs. Sleeping Bag? I’ve got one even better. This is the ultimate in sleeping bag wear. Listen close: it is a wearable sleeping bag. I always fall out of my sleeping bags, or get trapped in them, or wish I had them with me when I got up to pee. The Napsack is absolutely necessary when camping under the stars, but I am even weird about sleeping in the sheets of a hotel. The Napsack lets you wear a hooded sleeping bag with arm holes. That is as simple as I can put it. Pictured, it is in its own bag, so it illustrates how small and tight you can pack it, so it would even fit in your Duffaluffagus along with your other stuff. The Napsack has zippers at the shoulders, so you can stick your arms out of it, and a cinch at the bottom so that you can open it up and stick your legs out if you so choose. Hike it up to your waist, cinch it, and wear it like a puffy coat around a campfire, and then crawl right back into your tent without ever having to leave the warmth of your bag. It is brilliant, and you are a fool for not already owning one, seriously. Even if you never left your house, this is a must have.

4. Drinks. Coffee in a hotel room is never as good as what you can make at home. I always, always bring my own cold brew along with me when it comes to travel. I need something that I can depend on and Poler hits the nail on the head again. The Poler x Mizu D8 Bottle – Purveyors in stainless steel is what I would consider the perfect beverage holder. An insulated bottle with a large mouth that is perfect for a good and strong, cold brew coffee concentrate. It will keep your cold stuff cold and your hot stuff hot for up to 3 hours. It has a double wall construction. All the water bottles are made of18/8 Food-grade stainless steel, are100% Toxin, BPA, phthalate and PVC free. They are 100% reusable and recyclable, will not retain flavors and are the ultimate in style. Pictured also are the Venn Diagram Koozie, the Poler x Mizu M12 Water Bottle – Enlightenment in blue, and the Poler x Mizu M8 Water Bottle – Camp Vibes in red. Perfect sizes to bring a long a few, one for a weekender, or all three for a week.

5. The Duffaluffagus Duffle Bag in Autumn Camo.  This bag has the traveller in mind. I Have owned many duffels in my lifetime and this by far is the most perfectly crafted one with serious attention to detail. It is heavy duty, and they are VERY thorough. You can wear it as a pack with the tuck-away backpack straps, or strap your skateboard to the bottom with the velcro straps and pull it along behind you. This is awesome for two reasons, one is that it adds wheels to your duffel, and two, now you have an excuse to bring your board on every trip you take. High quality leather accents and tie downs, and a widemouth metal zipper on top really make it a standout piece when it comes to quality.

Get out there and make your own adventures. POLER is going to be there for you every step of the way. The last thing you need to worry about when you are on an adventure, weekender or vacation is that your gear is going to fail. Let me tell you how a ripped duffle coming off the airplane will ruin an entire vacation. With POLER that just isn’t going to happen. Their gear is light, packs tight and is exactly what you need to start making the memories you kids are going to remember forever. Take a look around at and get yourself a tent, a napsack, a water bottle and duffle and blaze your own path. POLER has done exactly that, and that’s why I stand by them, their products and am able to rest easy knowing my vacations will go easy when I am in their hands.

Check out more POLER STUFF here:

Napsack (short version) from Poler Outdoor Stuff on Vimeo.

Disclosure: Products provided by Poler, all opinions are my own.



  • CJ on January 13, 2015

    Great post! I was wondering if you had any issues with bringing the Duffaluffagus on planes as a carry on?

    • Dad on January 13, 2015

      The Duffaluffagus dimensions are 26.5″ x 9″ x 14″ inches. Larger than the carry on limitations, but with that said, poler assures it will fit into an overhead compartment so its a roll of the dice if you can get on with it or not. They do make other bags that might work better for a designated carry on.

      • CJ on January 13, 2015

        Awesome thanks for the reply!


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