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“To Camp or Not To Camp”

The great outdoors….  Nothing evokes a feeling of oneness with nature, and ultimate family bonding than the idea of a camping trip.  I’m not talking cabins, or wooded motels, I mean setting up a tent and a campfire and roughing it for the weekend.  My daughter and I set out for a night of fun when invited to come along with some friends to a campsite.  We rushed to the store and picked out a few necessities like bug spray, snacks, matches and, well…a tent.  You see neither of us had ever been camping.  At least not that I could ever remember. 

That didn’t stop us though, from fantasizing about the great time we would have.  Spending the afternoon enjoying nature, fishing, building a fire, and eating together under the stars.  What could be more peaceful and enjoyable than an evening on a campground.  My daughter was just as excited as I was, and we really couldn’t wait to get going and start the fun.

We set up camp pretty quickly, and after a few sweltering moments of frustration in the sun, I was pretty proud of myself for setting up our tent.  “This was money well spent” I thought to myself as I envisioned all the memories we would be sharing in this little portable abode.  Tonight we are in a Floridian state park, enjoying the lush forest landscape, and maybe in a few years we will be sitting on the side of a mountain watching the fog of the morning roll off some mountains, as our family cuddles close and I stir, only to make sure our fire is still lit.

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