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“Tips for Raising a Kind Child”

It is never too early to teach your child how to be a kind person. Here are some simple steps you can take to begin building up the ethical presence and your child.

Create an ethics code. It’s your job as a parent to establish your families basic ethics code. It could be as simple as we don’t hit and hurt, but we treat each other with respect. Explain the importance of being kind, helping others, and being a fair person.

Acknowledge your child when they do something kind. When you notice positive but Haviar it’s important to reinforce that behavior with acknowledgment. When your child feels good every time they do good that is the start of developing their own morals.

Make sure your child knows the difference between right and wrong. Just as you complement your child for doing something kind, your child needs to understand the consequences of doing something wrong. Whether they are punished or just verbally reprimanded, this will help them make positive choices in the future.

Teach your child to repair the damage done when they make a mistake. If you or your child make a mistake, hurt someone or do something wrong teach them how to make it right. Sometimes it is as simple as saying that they are sorry, other times it’s important to do something kind. Giving a hug, or even something like making dinner can help rebuild whatever situation has been knocked down.

When a child misbehaves, it’s important to be calm. The best way to motivate your child to be a kind and caring person is by being a kind and caring person your self. Motivate your child through love, not fear of punishment. You can disapprove of the behavior your child has presented and while still showing your child how much you love them. Showing them that you can have a disagreement or be upset without being quick to anger is just as important as teaching them right and wrong.

Be the example you would like your child to be. It doesn’t matter what you say if your actions prove the opposite. When your child sees you being kind they will mimic that type of behavior. If you don’t always model the type of behavior you would like your child to exhibit, you are sending conflicting messages to your child. The most important thing you can be is an example to your child.



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