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“Things To Do In Daytona Beach For Your Fall & Winter Break”

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Living in Florida definitely has its advantages. Considering I get to wake up every morning in a place where most people vacation, I definitely consider myself lucky. When vacation time on the school calendar for the kids comes around, we really are at no loss. However, it still is nice to be able to take a weekend away from my responsibilities of home and have a vacation where you really can get back and relax. Fall Beach Escape planning has just gotten a whole lot easier. Whether you are looking for some Warm Holiday Fun or just want to take it easy while enjoying the perfect weather, the choice is up to you.

With a young baby and an older child who predictably asks if we are they are yet every 30 minutes, we don’t take too many long trips. This has led to us doing many vacations in and around the very state we live in. Though there are many prime destinations for us to enjoy as a family, if you can be as laid-back and enjoyable as Daytona beach.

This fall when a little time frees up on the calendar, my family and I are making it a point to visit Daytona Beach and get away from the confines of our own town however beautiful it may be.

Daytona Beach is one of the most perfect “fun in the sun” type destinations. That said, that doesn’t mean it is only a summertime spot. In fact, as a Florida resident I have learned that some of the best adventures our off-season and away from the crowds of tourists.

This holiday season, Daytona Beach is going to be our fall ocean escape. With awesome fall art festivals, shopping for my wife, A myriad of dining choices, golf courses, infamous tattoo shops, popular motorcycle events,and a number of other attractions that only a spot like Daytona Beach could offer. Weekday Getaway Deals just got a whole lot easier to plan and you need to book soon to take advantage of this amazing weather.

So while many parks are planning and uncomfortable holiday time sitting around the dinner table arguing about politics and pretending to like your aunts casserole, we will be enjoying an ocean front experience and one of the most laid-back yet thrilling spots I can think of: Daytona beach.

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