“The Yoga of Parenting”

Many times as parents we are troubled by the chattering mind of being a parent. Our inner monologue often times clouds our ability to be present and aware in situations that arise. Most of us are constantly questioning our abilities and wondering if we are doing a good enough job at being a parent. We are critical, we worry and we pass those traits on, instead of focusing on the positives and the now.

This constant dialogue and worry can be quite counterproductive to being the best parents we can be. Though it comes from a place of love, and a desire to be the best parent possible, the yoga of parenting directs you to be present in the moment. We cannot predict the future, or change the past, so with this intention we have to focus on the moment we are in, and how we want to live it.

Just as transitioning through yoga postures, we cannot be a perfect parent at all times. Just as light is only appreciated because we experience a nighttime of darkness, our best moments can only be contrasted by our worst. This is what makes us whole.

Instead of constantly punishing ourselves for mistakes we may make as a parent, the best thing we can do for ourselves, and a trait that is fantastic to ingrain in our children, is to appropriately address the mistake once and move on in a positive fashion.

Being a parent can be the hardest job you ever do, but is it not the most important? Hours are long, pay is minimal and often times our work is thankless. Our strongest critic most times would be ourselves, and we often times choose to forget that regardless of our mistakes, we are still our child’s hero.

In yoga, the basis is focusing on breath. We try to clear our mind, and be in the present moment. If we look at parenting as a yoga practice, one that continually involves, we can find our stressful times to be a bit less stressful. Additionally we will note that our joyous times become more and more frequent. When we learn to focus on the present, our words and actions are not clouded by past experiences. The unconditional love a parent shares focuses on forgetting and forgiving past mistakes and addressing the now.

The yoga of parenting is being mindful and present in all that you do. Living in the moment, not focusing on the past or the future, but taking each day as it is. We are molding our children and they are watching our every move. The mistakes that we make as parents, and the mistakes are children make are not what define us, but our reaction and our intention does. By living in the moment, and focusing on this yoga of parenting we can find that we will live much more for filled and peaceful lives while sharing our most positive traits and showing our children how to learn from our mistakes and move on.



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