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“The Ultimate Parenting Band (Manual)”

This is for my hardcore dads. Youth of Today is the ultimate parenting manual. Let me explain.

I have had questions in the past quite a few times about advice in being a better parent. Many of us have commented that there is no manual and that in parenting a lot of it is learning as you go.

Unless we were fortunate enough to have a fantastic role model as a father, many of us have learned what not to do via experience. I have said many times that some of my greatest lessons have been in the form of the hard-core records I listen to as a kid. In fact, some people say that hard-core save their life, but I mean it with my entire heart.

The most important band that I listen to when I was younger was youth of today. In a time where I easily could have stayed enveloped in drugs and a destructive lifestyle, I was exposed to hard-core punks that championed morality and a sober way of life. As an adult, I look back and laugh when I hear lyrics like “physically strong, morally straight, positive youth, we are the youth of today”, because other than no longer being considered a youth, that still is my mantra! Haha

These values espoused via hardcore music are still very much a vital component in my parenting. It doesn’t stop there though, The lyrics of youth of today challenged me at a time where I was able to grow into the person I am today. Questioning standard American ideals of love, of the diet, and of belief, these views stand to hold true so many years later.

Now many people look to minor threat as the band that wrote the Bible for straightedge, but youth of today was so much more than that. They took the concept of straightedge and morphed it into a way to reflect inward instead of projecting a lifestyle outward. Through Ray’s lyrics, we were forced to reflect on the people that we were and choose to redefine ourselves in a way that made us better. If I had to suggest a manual on being a good parent, I couldn’t name one. However if you need a good place to start, the lyrics of youth of today cover every aspect of being the type of parent that can lead by example.



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