“The Ultimate Man Cave”

I have lived in my house for some where near six years and in that time it has changed a lot. We have painted rooms, we have brought in as much furniture as we have taken back out, and every inch of each room is color coordinated by my wife to match something else nearby. It’s a work of art, a thing of beauty, and thankfully, I get one room to call my own.

Well that isn’t entirely true. The one room that “belongs to me” is the garage. Designated as my man cave from the very beginning, since we have moved in it has been everything but. Granted, I have been able to store a skateboard ramp, various weightlifting equipment, and my bicycle there, it never really has been the lounge area I wanted it to be. Instead of just storage for some of my things, and most of my wife’s, I always kind of imagine that to be a room that had a nice stereo, a lounge chair, maybe even a dart board. I thought it would make an awesome escape to sit out there late night playing my guitar while everyone else was tucked away in bed.

As we are more and more settled in into our home, and that does definitely take years, it’s becoming closer to a reality that my man cave will actually become a man cave after all. Dyson came along and asked me to describe my dream space. This gave me the perfect opportunity to seriously consider what I would want my garage to look like.

Although our garage right now is much more of a storage space then a living space, I still would like to store many of my things in there. It’s rewarding to look around and see my bicycles, toolboxes overflowing with tools, and weights piling up on the floor. If I could add a few framed posters of some of my favorite musicians, it would start to give more of the field that I wanted. You might say that feel is somewhat like a bachelor pad, but it would be one place that I could decorate all my own. It’s not that pictures of birds, cookbooks to the ceiling and candles are great, it’s just that they aren’t me.

The first thing that I would need for my man cave is a reclining chair. You know the kind that you can sit down in and a few minutes later fall asleep. That is the exact time that I would like. I would like it could be some sort of rustic color brown, or tan, possibly some photo leather so it can easily be cleaned. I can imagine myself sitting in it for an hour or two reading a book, or playing my guitar.

The next thing I would like is a large Bluetooth stereo. I would want to hang it from the ceiling so I could get the optimal wall of sound that I would like. I could just sit back and relax, mellowing out listening to some righteous tunes into the evening as I unwind.

I still would like to have the weights, bikes, and the skateboard ramp just in a more organized fashion. The only problem I would have is how to keep it all clean. Clutter seems to add more clutter, dust and dirt from the outside seems to find its way in and that’s when I start to think about scrapping the whole ideas. The wheels of my skateboard bring in a lot of dust and dirt and my bicycle racing into the garage brings in mud, leaves have been known to blow all the way into the garage from the outside and it can get pretty overwhelming.

The only logical choice for me is a Dyson vacuum. Not only are they powerful enough to pick up almost anything, but they have a modern look and can’t stay out of the way by hanging on the wall. They are easy to mount an easy to pick up, clean my runway to the skateboard ramp, and put away. Light, portable, and cordless.

The vacuum I have in mind is the Dyson DC59 motorhead. Speaking of motorhead, that reminds me, I need to put some more heavy metal on my iPod so when I am skateboarding in the garage with my brand-new stereo I can really get pumped! Not only does the DC 59 motorhead work on carpets and hardwood floors, but it also has fantastic attachments that can help me reach in tough spots. I have conceded that my man cave will probably still be sitting in between many of my wife’s unpacked boxes, so at some point I will have to clean them.

All I have to do is add in that dartboard and my garage/man cave/wife’s storage room will be just good enough for me.


In celebration of their “ultimate addition to my dream spaces “campaign, we are giving away one Dyson DC 59 motorhead to an extremely lucky reader. All you have to do to be entered to win is answer the following questions in a comment on this post.

What is your dream space? What Dyson DC 59 motorhead feature do you enjoy the most? Check out the full list of features for the Dyson DC 59 motorhead and then let us know.

Good luck!

Thank you to Dyson for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to create my dream clean space with the DC59 Motorhead.

Man cave source from Pinterest.



  • Erin Krumm on August 6, 2014

    My dream space is a well decorated master bedroom. Big king sized bed, nice vanity, gorgeous wood furniture. The feature I love the most about the dyson is that it is lightweight yet very powerful. I need something that I can clean the stairs with easily and not break my back in the process!! I tried this baby out in bed bath and beyond and it was very powerful and lightweight!! I also love the boosting feature, it would be great for hard to clean spots!

  • James Myers on August 6, 2014

    My dream space would probably be a man cave with lots of big leather couches and a large screen tv. I’d like the dyson because it is cordless and lightweight. My wife loves her regular dyson but it is too heavy to lug up the stairs and she cant use it to clean the stairs. This would be great.


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