“The poetry of parenting”

All of our minds are made up of little moments, good and bad, that form our memories. These memories, the deposits we place into our children’s mind is our legacy.

We have a unique opportunity to not only help write the story for our children, but we are living our own story, given a chance to right some wrongs, and redefine how we let our own past effect us.

We have the gift of hindsight on our side allowing us to use our past experiences to our benefit. Both good and bad, if we are conscious enough, we can use our past as a guide when raising our own children.
When you look at parenting as being the author of a book, the story of your life, it imparts on the seriousness of making every moment count. If your story were to end today, would it be a happy ending? Will the little inconsequential details of our daily life that sometimes we make a big deal out of, even make it to the page? Will our story be a book of making mountains out of mole hills, or will the story be about scaling mountains, or even plowing directly through them?

As parents, many of us wonder about our legacy, but to put it into perspective, it’s important to realize that you are writing the legacy right now. Instead of looking back and wondering if you could’ve done things differently, start today. Not only should we be writing a novel we would be proud of, but we should be living a life that reflects that as well.


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