“The perception we have of ourselves”

My wife said something to me the other day that challenged my thoughts about the perception we have of ourselves and how that becomes our reality vs the perception others have of us and their own reality.

Long story short, I used to live my life in excess. I used food and drink as a medication to deal with my demons. Eventually, I went from making the jokes at the party, to BEING the joke of the party.
After my daughter was born I slowly started to get my life on track, and have learned to be more aware of my feelings and how I react to them. I’m not the same person I was then, anymore than I am the same person I was yesterday. I learned to replace my destructive behaviors with a positive outlook and physical release through fitness. That’s what worked for me, but it could have been anything.

What I am getting to is this, our perception of ourselves may not necessarily be the reality of who we are. How I feel when I am lifting weights versus what I look like in the mirror are worlds apart. That doesn’t mean that the benefit isn’t there. How I look to someone else isn’t my concern as much as the perception I have of myself and how it guides me through my day today life.
The power of our mind and the power that we have inside of us. There is no reason that we can’t change ourselves for the better every single day. As our perception soon becomes the reality we live in, it doesn’t matter what other people might view us as when we know that we are who we think we are. The perception others have of us have more to do with their own reality than ours.

If we want to become stronger, we must first believe we can be strong. If we want to be better parents, we must first believe that we can be great parents. If we want to love, we must first love ourselves.
This might sound like a bunch of new age crap, but it’s the reality we live in. What we believe of ourselves can either be the motivation to be the best we can be, or the limitations we are placing on ourselves, it’s your choice.


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