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“The New Primal: Beef Jerky Review”

Beef jerky isn’t generally thought of as a health food. That preconceived notion is about to change. Meet the new primal. The new primal is changing the face of beef jerky one taste at a time. This all natural jerky is a delicious and healthy protein pick me up anytime you need it. With the emergence of The Paleo Diet, CrossFit, and overall fitness, there seems to be a renewed interest in healthy eating. Though this jerky can fit right into your primal eating plan, that doesn’t mean you have to do 100 kettle bell swings and before you dig into the pack. Traditionally a snack food, you wouldn’t believe that I’ve even tossed it into a stir fry with broccoli and cashews. It’s just that good.

The reason beef jerky has had such a bad rap in the past is because generally it is filled with chemicals, preservatives, and anything that helps it retain its color and keep it sitting on the shelf for months. Generally the second ingredient in most jerky packages is sugar and that is just unacceptable when looking for a quick snack to bring on the go. This is not the case with The New Primal jerky. Ingredients that you can pronounce, understand and trust. Grass fed beef and natural flavorings.

The New Primal makes a healthy alternative to the “franken-foods” that are on the shelf next to it. All natural grass fed beef with an unbeatable flavor, low in calories and high in protein, makes this the perfect snack for those that care about their health. Easy to bring on the go this is a beef jerky that not only tastes good, but you can feel good about eating. With quite a few flavors to choose from there is certainly a jerky to please everyone. A bag of this stuff goes with me anytime I’m active (and many times that I am not), and certainly beats grabbing some sort of “health bar” that nutritionally isn’t that much different then a candy bar.

As much as I have learned about health and fitness over the years The New Primal is on the right track. The most important thing I have learned when it comes to making the right food choices is going as close as you can to the source. When food gets processed, injected with chemicals, and processed again if it becomes less and less like food and more like a science experiment. This is where a company like the new primal fills the gap.

Many people believe that when you start eating healthier your life becomes devoid of all culinary enjoyment. For a long time I thought this as well. Beef jerky has long been one of my favorite snack foods, but when looking at the ingredient list I was hard-pressed to find where any of the beef was at all. This is just not the case with The New Primal. This brings me to the most important question, “How does it taste?” Well the answer is simple. It tastes like beef jerky. Like actual, delicious and flavorful meat. That is the best way to describe it, and a rare trait indeed in the beef jerky market. This is the equivalent of a health food, a snack food, and a guilt free treat. With many flavors to choose from, the spicy beef and the turkey jerky being my favorite, The New Primal has become a staple in my pantry. It’s a great pick me up, it’s a smart snack between meals, and by gosh, I truly believe the folks at The New Primal deserve your business.

It’s rare to find a company that you can believe in, and I hope that it’s obvious that we try to only work with companies that fit that bill. Give the new primal a try and find out why I am singing their praises.

Grab yourself some here:

Disclosure: Samples were provided by The New Primal, all opinions are my own.



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