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“The Day I Retired My Chain Wallet”

It was a sad day when I retired my chain wallet.  It was bulky and loud and felt like a hang on to a past time.  I recently asked my friend if he thought 30 was too old to wear a chain wallet and he replied about me being one of the last “hanger ons” to the trend. Enough said.

For a while it made sense.  I was biking everywhere and had enough keys to be a janitor; so I enlisted the help of the chain to keep everything where I needed it. It stopped being functional for me when I changed jobs and stopped being fashionable, well, about the time Pearl Jam first came out.  I needed something different, more functional, less obnoxious and, for the first time ever, more adult.

I looked high and low for the perfect wallet.  I had a look in addition to a minimalist and slim profile in mind.  This is when I found a unique, classy and classic wallet thanks to my friends at bellroy!

This wallet has a great finish, is made from premium full grain vegetable tanned leathers and made under world class environmental stewardship standards. It holds 4-15 cards plus folded bills, and is perfect for the minimalist, or active person who doesn’t want the bulk. It has a cool pull tab for less frequently used cards that is unique to their wallets, and it just feels like a good wallet.  They are priced fairly, considering the quality, and have free shipping!  One of the best things is they have a three year warranty on their wallets.  I have had leather wallets where in less than a year, they completely fell apart.  They stand by their product and that is exactly why I have one.

Check them out at!

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