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“The Best Flapjacks on Earth: Kodiak Cakes”

If you are like me you hate the phrase “cheat meal.” I think it puts too much emphasis on feeling bad about enjoying your self. Though some people would describe me as a little bit of a health nut, I still like to enjoy what I’m eating. Mealtime shouldn’t be a torturous task that’s riddled with guilt and filled to the brim with kale and quinoa. Though I like both kale and quinoa, my heart lies in comfort foods. Specifically, breakfast foods.

Fortunately I don’t have to choose between healthy foods that taste like cardboard, and comfort foods that taste great but are high in calories and low in nutrition any longer. Kodiak Cakes have quickly become my new best friend. With a full array of breakfast foods that fit the bill of healthy and delicious, my pantry is slowly kicking out all other breakfast food brands.

I started out with the Kodiak Cakes. Made with whole-grains” this “just add water” mix takes the cake, literally, for the best flapjack mix I have ever had. Equally as impressive are the “power cakes” that have the same great taste with a heaping dose of protein in them. Protein is crucial for muscle development, and helps you to feel fuller longer. Don’t expect the chalky taste of most products with added protein, these are still delicious pancakes but with an added nutritional boost. Who would’ve thought you could have pancakes for your post workout snack?

Kodiak Cakes could have stopped there but they have more to offer the breakfast world. Now don’t get me wrong, I could eat Kodiak Cakes all day long, so I feel like I am being dishonest when I call them “breakfast foods”…but that is just a small detail when it comes to the punch their minute muffins, crunchy oatmeal, and a granola unleashed pack. All of them are delicious, nutritious and you just feel good about eating the awesome products.

It might sound odd, but Kodiak Cakes have perfected the making of a muffin that only takes one minute in your microwave. Perfect texture, and amazing taste I honestly just can’t get enough of their products. I have had one for breakfast, and then another for my afternoon snack. Food that tastes good, is good for you, and makes you feel good is a combination that is hard to find. Fortunately Kodiak Cakes have perfected that mix and all you have to do is add water.

I am a fan for life. Get some at your local store, or online here:

Though I have purchased Kodiak cakes on numerous occasions, I was provided with the most tastiest of treats from Kodiak Cakes, pictured in this review. As always, all opinions are my own.



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