“Teach your kids to stand for something”

Teach your kids to stand for something, no matter how unpopular. From a young age it's easy to fall into the crowd, so make it a point to celebrate those that stand out, are different, and whom make waves.One of our greatest strengths as men (and women) is to stand up for those whom cannot stand up for themselves. It's obvious that we are in a terse climate. America is divided, and now more than ever we need to raise strong, caring and loving children, willing to protect and defend those whom cannot defend themselves. We…are…the…example.This means, to expand on what I posted yesterday, to define your family's morals, but to also to question your own belief system, making sure it's compatible with reality. In the 1940s when Oskar Schindler went against the popular opinion, the law of the land, and saved the lives of 1200 Jews, he was guided by his own moral compass, not popular opinion. His actions were punishable by death, and he was a hero. It's vital to question your own beliefs, strengths and abilities if we want to be strong men, men whom are not only willing, but capable of defending those we love. This is not to mean just with our physicality, but also our minds. Encourage your kids to read by reading yourself, be learned about the social climate and political happenings, don't just get your opinion from the warped media, pay attention to being the best version of yourself that you can be whether that's going for a run, eating right, or just some meditation.Does this not trickle down to your family as you being their finest example? Of course it does. Harden the f**k up and act like their finest example of you aren't already. Don't be afraid to speak your mind, no matter how unpopular…your children are watching when you speak and act against injustice but they also watch closely when you are silent.

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