“Someone that needed help”

This is an excerpt from a journal that was discovered on a high schooler who was connected to another student who had a gun on campus. The journal described their intentions for a mass shooting and fortunately was stopped before it could happen.
Of course there is no excuse, and it’s hard to lay the blame squarely where it should lie. I’d assume it’s a combination of things. Mental illness being one of them, but another being a very real emotion of many high school age kids…feeling helpless and alone.

Not all kids go through these experiences, but you’d be surprised at how many do. No matter how irrational these feelings can be, or if there is a cause that is legitimate; the feelings are very real to kids that are feeling them.

Though I don’t feel any remorse for someone who may have had plans to hurt others, reading this passage really tugged at me and I felt inspired to share it. If this had ended differently maybe I wouldn’t have said anything at all, or maybe the tone and intention would have been entirely different.

However, as I read these sentences from a kid I hate to think what would drive him to feel this way.

I don’t have an answer. I know nothing more than what is posted here. What I do see is someone that needed help. It’s a reminder to listen to our kids, even when they aren’t speaking.

It’s important for our kids to feel like they are being heard. From the moment they learn to speak they just want to be listened to and understood. Our job as parents isn’t to toughen them up and push them to a place they may not be able to handle. Some kids can “toughen up” and others are sensitive and need an ear. Being a man doesn’t mean being made of stone.
Your kids need to know they are safe, protected, understood, wanted and loved. No matter how unimportant it might seem to us as adults, no matter how busy we are, no matter how trivial we might think a bully or a teacher or any authority figure picking on our kid might be: it’s very real to them.

In an effort to prevent journal entries like this one: we have to listen.



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