“Skateboarding Flashback”

I remember my grandfather taking the picture of me on the left when I was in highschool. I found it the other day and thought it would be interesting to recreate the picture in front of their house for the hell of it.

Most of my friends that I skated with back then quit skating and and moved on, but skateboarding was always my escape, my release, my art. I never was good enough to be pro, but I still have fun and am lucky to share it with my kids.

It’s funny how quickly we can move on from something we based our whole lives around, then look back and wonder what happened? Some of us wonder why we are sick and tired and bored and boring; get back on board! Do something you love, find your passions and let them put you in the hospital, break your legs, destroy you in the best ways possible.

When people ask when I’m going to give it up I tell them…I’ll give up skateboarding the day I give up on living.



  • Robert Batt on May 1, 2016

    GOOD WORDS MAN, People ask me when I will quit playing metal music and I tell them the same thing. Keep the faith never give it up!!

    • Dad on May 1, 2016

      Heck yeah man! Thanks for commenting!


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