“Shoe Review: Vans TNT SG”

Vans has set the standard in cool skateboarding shoes for as long as I have been on a skateboard. Somehow they have always perfected the perfect amount of board feel with adequate comfort and tough shoes that last a long time.

The TNT SG is Tony Trujillo’s latest signature shoe and a nod to his Gibson SG guitar. With the iconic “old skool” as one of the most recognizable skate shoes of all time, the TNT SG improves upon that design without deviating from the look, fit, and style of the original too much. The original waffle outsole is on this shoe which all skateboarders know, just sets the standard in grip and control. The cushioning of the insole, the Vans Ortholite, I feel is superior to the ultracush, which can turn squishy and molds to your feet a little too quickly, petering out in its protection. Make no mistake, this is basically an updated “old skool” vans skate shoe, but updated in all the right ways.

The limitations however of the original “old school” for me have always been the lack of support a low top gives yet the cumbersome feel of their hightop. This mid top improves upon the design and gives the right amount of support without feeling clunky. This is Tony’s 6th generation of pro shoes, and by far the one that he has put the most thought into. It’s my favorite Vans shoe to date.

Upon first impression I was stoked on the slim profile, but without the tapered toebox that some of the newer pro skate vans have. Nice and roomy, these were pretty much broken and after the first skate session. I have some original “old skool’s” that still don’t have that broken in feel, so the improvement of the insole and cushioning around the ankle really add to the smooth and comfortable fit in these SG’s. I was worried how a mid top would look with shorts and my old man socks, but they curve down right below the ankle bone to give the impression of a much lower shoe.

The TNT SG’s offer the right amount of cushioning without taking away from board feel, and with suede in all the right places so you don’t run through the shoes in about a week. The canvas area on the side increases breathability, without compromising the strength of the shoe. The tongue (which does slide to the side a little, though not adding nor taking away from the performance, is actually pretty legit looking with the golden gate bridge and a guitar pic graphic. Let’s be real though, it’s these little details that make us skate rats stoked on the shoe.

What else can I say? They took Vans’ most iconic shoe and actually improved upon it’s design instead of just slapping a pro’s name on it. 10/10 would buy another pair.




  • taters on May 5, 2015

    Did the upper toe rip fast or it’s double suede? I’m planning to buy it for skating

    • Dad on May 5, 2015

      I haven’t had any problem with the tow ripping at all. It’s got good stitching and the same quality suede that all vans have. It doesn’t have the Dura On the toe but it’s the same thick rubber that the old school shoes have. The construction is thin and light enough that it’s a pretty responsive shoe, but durable enough to last a decent amount of time. These are my favorite skate shoe as they are responsive enough with board feel while having as much support and comfort as you can get in a shoe that isn’t bulky. If you like simple shoes then this is a good one. I plan on ordering another pair in one of the different colorways.

  • Mike on May 13, 2015

    True to size? Most shoes i wear 10, and always with Vans. But i’ve had 2 pair of TNT 5’s before and they tend to stretch quite a bit like no other Vans I had. Currently skating the Crocket (10) and I’m loving it. Anyway, as Im looking at this shoe one reviewer out there said the TNT SG’s fitting a bit big and recommends to by 1/2 size down. Do you agree? /Thanks

    • Dad on May 13, 2015

      I thought the crocketts were too tight in the toe box, but fit fine as far as length went. That said, these sg’s are a little roomier and about a fourth of an inch longer than my crockets and old skools both. I couldn’t imagine sizing down though, as they wear in, the nose seems to turn up a little and really molds to the foot. If you wear ten and they fit comfortably, I’d still get tens. If you have a great deal of room like almost 3/4 inch, you could size down a half. I’d always rather be a hair bigger than too tight. Some people would rather a more snug fit, then def no more than a half size down. Super comfy though, I like the insoles better than any other vans shoe.

  • mike on May 14, 2015

    Thank you, I appreciate it!

  • Andy on December 10, 2015

    I tend to need a little more width in the toe box and love the comfort of the sk8 hi but felt were too much length. How would the txt sg compare with sk 8 hi? Thanjs

    • Dad on December 10, 2015

      I feel like they are pretty comparable as far as the toe box goes. I’ve had both and prefer the sg as it feels considerably less clunky. I’m on my third pair.


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