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“Seasonal Allergy Advice”

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As a lifelong allergy sufferer whose symptoms seem to get more severe every year, I take allergies pretty seriously. My wife and daughter, to varying degrees, suffer from seasonal allergies as well, so in our house we try to take as many precautions as possible to keep us feeling well in the midst of a full-on allergy attack.

My biggest piece of advice for preparing myself to combat allergies is making sure my body is in tiptop shape. I try to keep my body in an optimal fitness zone so that my immune system is functioning properly, and I am at a peak level.

Exercise is paramount in not only feeling good physically but emotionally as well. This is the backbone to my parenting. When I am not feeling my best it bleeds over to everything I do, from how I handle everyday tasks, to how I interact with my family. Working out gives me an opportunity to refocus and reconnect with reality, while giving my body a boost it needs. At least three days a week I implement a cardio and weight plan to keep my engines firing.

Generally to start my day I take a multivitamin along with some sort of superfood shake and protein. When my days all start to blur together, it’s hard to have time to make a healthy and balanced breakfast first thing in the morning. This routine, along with a nice strong cup of coffee has been keeping me moving for years now.

Seasonal allergies can be absolutely debilitating, but by keeping your body in optimal shape, you will be able to make it through just like you always have.
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