“Routine and Flowers”

Modern Day Dads has always been a page about fathers, and one of the most common traps in parenting is falling into too much of a routine and forgetting to give yourself appropriately to areas that need it. I know it’s not true for everyone, but one of the most vital parts of me being a dad is having my wife a part of the picture and the glue that holds us all together. 
I will be completely honest though…most of my time is devoted to the kids. They don’t just need it, they demand it. There have been times in my life where it seemed like my wife and I were taking shifts, or tagging each other into the ring when it came to the kids. Between work, homeschool, the kids, and everything else on our plate, it was easy to rely on routine and let life become a chore. 
It’s important to remember why you fell in love, and make sure that aspect of your life gets a fair amount of attention as well.  
After 11 years, I couldn’t even remember the last time I bought my wife flowers. What a fool I had become, I was so busy being super-dad I felt like I let myself slip into being “pretty-OK” husband territory.  
So let this stand as a reminder, if you’re giving too much of yourself to one area, others might suffer. Let the suffering rest somewhere less important than your family, and for goodness sake, if it was important to buy flowers for your wife when you were dating, it’s even more important now. 


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