“Rad Dad Feature with Stephen Christian”

Many folks who know the name Stephen Christian know him from the popular band Anberlin, but I’ve been inspired by him and his music long before that. 

As a teen he might have been one of the only sincere and positive voices I was hearing much of the time. Though a peer, as frontman of Sagoh 24-7, a great pop punk band with an uplifting message of hope, he was an absolute inspiration.  

Even as a teen I knew he was the real deal.  Passionate, sincere and thoughtful.  He’s a very caring individual who has a heart of gold.  He recently just put out a solo album, Wildfires (linked below) that is just further testament to the fact he doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks it.  It’s my pleasure to share this feature with rad dad Stephen Christian. 

1. How did becoming a father change your life?

The day my first born was birthed was the greatest day of my entire life, I can’t explain the moment any better than being literally in the Beatles ‘yellow submarine’ video. Everything was pure love and the world could do no wrong. She gave me purpose and the ability to truly see that this life was no longer about me, but she also gave me a countdown. 
I knew from the second I saw here that my passion for music paled in comparison to her and her mom, the writing was on the wall for me to leave Anberlin, so yes, yes it changed my life forever… and I couldn’t be happier. 

2. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to other fathers?

You get one shot at this, no matter how hard you worked that day or how exhausted you are when you come home this is it! You can sleep when you die, so what is holding you back from making a memory tonight! I am guilty of it, I just want to come home and join them on the couch watching whatever they are and tune out, but they will never remember this day and neither will you! Go let them put makeup on you, go wrestle and wear some mask you make out of a pillow case, go make dinner with them! 
THIS IS IT! you only get one shot at this.

3. What makes a “modern day dad?”

With the sudden influx of that is technology it is finding the balance between making your life easier (wi-fi camera to watch the baby) and pure convenience (handing your kid iPhone so you can eat in peace… no judgment I do it too). I Think the best ‘modern day dad’s’ are those who live within this delicate subject matter with balance and conscience effort.
Thanks so much! I wish you continued success and thank you for your contribution to music and spreading the good news! 

Pick up Wildfires here:

And follow him on Social media: @christianmusic



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