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“Rad Dad Feature with Ryan Taylor”

Ryan Taylor is a rad dad with a ton on his plate.  He owns a barber shop in Houston called East End Barber, is a musician, is an all around rad guy, husband, father and somehow still must find time for sleep somewhere.  It’s my please to share this feature with Ryan Taylor. 

1. How did becoming a father change your life?

I’m still fairly young in the Dad game, Chase is about to be 2 and my step son Shepard just turned 7. I thought that I was going to suddenly be zapped with a positive mind set, and turn into Buddha over night. Crazy to think that now, but I really thought that raising kids would be a petty bullshit deterrent. Like somehow sweating the small things would be a problem that would just go away. As much as I don’t want to admit this- I still sweat the small stuff, I just don’t have nearly as much time to pine over bullshit anymore. I’ve become just a tiny bit less selfish, and that has nothing to do with me, these dudes just require more of my time and attention and I would much rather hang out with them than most adults nowadays. I’m also hyper aware of my actions and who I surround myself with, more so now than I ever was. I’m still apart of the same subculture, I just try to actively put out there that I don’t condone violence unless absolutely necessary(which is extremely rare). And I make sure that the people I’m hanging around, the ones that my kids see me hanging around, are people that Chase and Shepard can call Aunt and Uncle. I want to make sure that they are people I can wholeheartedly support and get behind. I fail at this a lot, but I’m trying to help raise confident, selfless men and not bullies. 

2. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to other fathers?

Don’t run, be active in your family. One message that I took on growing up that I’ve had to smash is that the father helps to provide financially and thats about it. My Dad worked his ass off, often out of town gigs, to provide food and shelter for my brothers and I, but wasn’t around too often in our early years as a result. I inherited some of that from my Dad but I’m working on it. What I’m learning is that it’s just as important for us Fathers to be there working side by side with the Moms. Far too much gets put on Moms back, and it’s a daily struggle for me to check myself and make sure I’m investing in my family life as much, or more, than I am in my work life. 

3. What makes a “modern day dad?”

For me, it’s just trying to do it a little bit better than my Dad did. My Dad grew up in an orphanage, and built himself from the ground up. So he gave my brothers and I an advantage that he didn’t have, I’m trying to take that, learn from it, and built on it. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t a great Father, I just know that theres some things I can take from him, and some things I can leave behind. So to me a modern day Dad respects tradition and is open to new ideas as well. That and trying to model honesty, open mindedness, and vulnerability on a daily basis to my wife and kids. 

Thanks so much Ryan!  What else are you up to? 

black coffee has a split 7″ with spirit world coming out soon on head 2 wall records.

thug boots new 7″ “the movement” will be out soon on crowd control media.

my new project liberty & justice feat other members of black coffee, thug boots, darkbuster & roger miret & the disasters will be playing oct 5 with giuda at white oak music hall in houston.

The fest I throw every year (houston on the map) will be teaming up with two byrds for the “winter weekender” Nov 10 and 11 at rudyards in houston. more info at @houstononthemap

I own a barber shop in houston called east end barber, follow us at 

(Photo by Mark Champion)


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