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“Rad Dad Feature: Spencer “Two-dogs” Bolejack”

Spencer “Two Dogs” Bolejack is a modern day renaissance man. He is one of the hosts of the television show, “Hillbilly Blood”, a martial arts teacher, musician and artist. He is a primitive and survival skills specialist and the head of “Land of the Sky Wilderness School” (LOTSwild), a school that incorporates a martial arts training and wilderness studies amongst other disciplines. More importantly, Spencer is a thoughtful and creative man who puts his family first in all situations. He has a big heart and really cares about the future generations. It was absolutely my pleasure to get to talk with Spencer, and an honor to be able to share this with you.


1. Tell us about what you do, who you are, and how you balance your career with being a dad?

This is tough to answer for me; I juggle a lot of things but they keep me young at heart and active, learning, curious, practicing and
improving at various endeavors. I was a middle school teacher but that only lasted a few years so now I run a martial arts school with classes 6 days a week in three locations. I also drum for a band or two, host a television show, make knives at my mountain forge and direct a survival summer camp! Balancing this with ‘dadhood’ has been fun and relatively easy cause kids can tag along with me. This gives mom some breathing room but also makes a strong relationship between me and my two sons, one daughter. I give them a lot of space but also am firm with discipline with what lines and boundaries there are, so we can be safe, they can earn responsibility and trust, and explore the world safely.

2. What does being a modern-day dad mean to you?

I’m hip to technology. I’m old school in my warrior ways. I believe the modern era gives us so many wonderful tools and our great country so much freedom to grow with our children together – outdoors, art,
music, physical fitness, learning, entertainment – it’s all a tool for making relationships while perpetuating character traits we see as desirable, or wish we had more of when growing up.

3.How did becoming a father change your life?

It made me take work a lot more seriously. I didn’t want my son to have the fears I often had as a child about whether or not there would be a house next week, or how we’d cover basic bills. My dad did a wonderful job of giving me an awesome adventurous childhood but I can remember financial stress and worry. So I work hard to give my kids room to breathe without fear.

4. Whats the greatest part about being a dad?

The greatest part about being a dad to me is passing on your best traits, and having the chance to clean up some of the worst. If we were computers replicating, we’d have improved software and hardware on the new model! Haha! So likewise if we pay attention to the examples we set, we can drop some of our lesser attributes and reinforce good things we know will help our children in life. It
could be anything; creativity, or hard work. Timeliness or spontaneity. Honesty or risk taking!

5. Can you share a funny story about being a father?

Every day is like a comedy really. Probably some of the funniest stuff happens in the kitchen. My kids like the taste of baking soda for brushing their teeth. So we let them get it out and do it themselves since it doesn’t have the potential overdose/poisoning issue of regular toothpaste. I went to get some salad on the kitchen table and it was covered in the white baking soda. My two year old said, “all clean daddy”. Indeed, the lettuce was whitened quite nicely!

6. What advice can you give any new father out there?

Never worry about any perceived loss of freedoms or all that stuff we younger and single and non-parental men often think about. There’s nothing better than being there for your kid or kids. You wanna be tough, you wanna realize manhood, you wanna find your greatest self, qualities you can really be proud of? Be a dad. You’ll get new eyes and start seeing real men around you. Show love, be firm and consistent with discipline, staying open to different approaches for different kids – keeping the goal in mind, not the method! Stay young, workout with them, give them freedom to choose and also have requirements and expectations.

Thanks so much Spencer! It was great to talk to you and I really appreciate you taking the time to be a part of our site. I know that you will continue being an inspiration to many, and we wish you the nothing but the best!


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