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“Rad Dad Feature: Q-Unique”

Q-Unique’s music has been a part of my collection for years. I remember when I first got a CD from “The Arsonists” I was absolutely blown away. This talented group of emcee’s redefined what I knew about hip hop and allowed me to explore different areas and facets of the hip hop culture that I didn’t know about. Q is still a force to be reckoned with in the music scene and his new group Stillwell might just redefine what you though you knew about him! It is my pleasure to introduce you all to the man, the myth, the legend, Q-Unique.

1.Tell us about what you do, who you are, and how you balance your career with being a dad?

Professionally I’m Q-unique or just Q. I’m a recording artist, writer & producer who also moonlights as a camera man with some acting and co-hosting gigs. When it comes to being a dad I tend to tilt the scale towards being more of a dad than anything else on the planet. It is the most important title of my life.

2. What does being a modern-day dad mean to you?

It means to keep up with your child, to stay current, to be able to communicate in their language more than your own language, to be able to share wisdom in a way that’s not condescending and to be able to balance the respect and not look down on your child, to be able to guide that child through today’s society, and bless them with a skill set that gives them more tools for their life than you had with your own.

3.How did becoming a father change your life?

It change my life drastically I was very selfish and becoming a father instantly turned me selfless. It’s made me thoughtful and very patient. It’s taught me to be a better communicator you can’t be quick to anger you have to be quick to think instead. And instantly I developed an unconditional love for another human being. On a small note it’s taught me to be a chauffeur, a coach, A chef, a training partner, A party arranger. Becoming all of these things has taught me to be quiet and observant at times to not only watch my son but to Watch other fathers with their sons or daughters, to see different ways of interaction and communication.

4. What’s the greatest part about being a dad?

To watch this human being evolve into something outstanding. watching him develop a passion for things in life, for example, he loves music, he can play four instruments, the guitar, the bass, drums, and the saxophone. He’s also practicing jujitsu (for seven years) he is currently a second-degree junior black belt in Brazilian jujitsu and on top of all that he’s a good student with good grades.

Overall, to give my son a better life than I’ve ever had. Watching him achieve has become more important then my own achievements.

5. Can you share a funny story about being a father?

When my son was about four or five years old we had a rule in the house, if he was quiet, something interesting was happening, Hahaha. One afternoon I noticed the house went silent after about a half an hour of Legos making that plasticky clanking sound when you’re digging in a box of Legos. I got up from where I was and went to check on my son only to find that he decided to become his own barber and give himself a Dr. Phil haircut. And he achieved this with the scissors that you use in a kindergarten class that can barely cut construction paper. Nevertheless his mother wasn’t too happy Hahaha.

6. What advice can you give any new father out there?

Nothing can truly prepare you for everything it takes to be a father, the one thing I can say is, practice patience more than anything but above that, enjoy the journey because it truly goes way too fast.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us. We wish you continued success and look forward to hearing more from you! Follow Q and Stillwell, and get more info below.



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