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“Rad Dad Feature: Ned Hadden”

Curb slappin’ master Timmy “Ned” Hadden has been skating since 1976. He’s an awesome guy with a whole lot of heart. He runs Assault Skateboards which has been making killer skateboards, both popsicle and shaped since way before shaped decks were cool. Ned is truly one of the originals and isn’t afraid to speak his mind whether it’s about skateboarding, punk rock, or being a father. When I read the answers in this feature I immediately placed an order with Assault and was stoked to support a company that has a real, honest, life long skateboarder behind it. Great guy, great father, and does it for all the right reasons. Without any further noise, meet Ned!

1. Tell us about what you do, who you are, and how you balance your career with being a dad?

My name is Timmy Hadden (NED) from Vista, CA. I’ll be 44 years young in June. I basically work full-time as a Pipe Line welder and started Assault again a few years back as a hobby and had no idea it would grow into what it is right now. Most of the time I get home from work there are are orders and I have about a three hour window to get them packed and shipped out. My son David helps me a bunch getting orders to UPS at the last second. It gets hectic and there is some bickering but we always pull it off. We are a good team! After, we usually point the car lights at the local curb and skate for a little bit then go to the grocery store and get some stuff for dinner. After dinner I make sure David’s homework is done, then I tell him to take a shower and he replies “I TOOK ONE YESTERDAY” or “WE DIDN”T HAVE P.E. TODAY!” Then I make sure he brushes his teeth, then bed time at 9:00 on school nights. This is our routine on the weekdays.

2. What does being a modern-day dad mean to you?

The sad thing is there are too many Dad’s that sit on the sidelines. For example, David and I were at the skate park and I wiped out on the 1/4 pipe and over heard a dad sitting with other dad’s and mom’s in the grass say “that’s why I don’t do that”, or “isn’t that guy too old.” My advice is if your afraid of getting hurt you’re not living, Get out there and shred with your kids!

To be honest, I’m just and old grom skate punk doing the same thing I have been doing since I was 12 years old. I still go to skate shops and waste money on stuff I don’t need, I still buy the same records over and over and it never gets old. I’m a big fan of skateboarding and love the creativity and the rewards it gives you. Wether you’re a kid in class drawing stick figures doing slash grinds on your notebook or your out skating curbs with your friends drinking Coke’s, the rewards and the personal feeling is endless.


3.How did becoming a father change your life?

My son saved my life! I got full custody of my son when he was 8. I didn’t have any money, was out of work, but knew he needed me and I needed to fight for him! I always doubted myself, but my father David Hadden Sr. believed in me and convinced me to believe in myself. I was constantly at the court house at 4:30am on Wednesdays waiting for them to open at 8:00am to run down the hallway and put your name on a list…and after year filing paper work the day came. The judge granted me full custody and my son could live with me. The day I filed the first paper was the day I got sober and I have been sober for 7 years.

4. Whats the greatest part about being a dad?

Not having to do so many chores by myself. Just kidding! For me, one of the coolest things is that my son got to hang out with my Dad. He loved his Grandfather and we miss him daily. We always think he is saying hello when Led Zeppelin comes on the radio.

It’s a trip how much he is like me when I was a kid. When I drive down the street and him and his buddies are skating curbs or just dorking around chasing each other, It put’s a big smile on my face. Or he will call me on the phone and say “Dad you gotta come down here and check out the new trick I learned.” Sometimes I’ll be watching TV and he will barge out of his room and say “Dad check out this song I learned on my bass.” Watching him progress, learn and become an awesome kid is the greatest part about being a Dad.

5. Can you share a funny story about being a father?

No, but I have a pretty cool story about my Dad that we think is funny. When I was 18 my dad and I were on the way to work and it was about 5:00 am still dark and stuck on the 91 in traffic. He says ” hand me one of those burrito’s out of my lunch pail” He unwraps the foil and eats it and says hey hand me another one. He unwraps the foil and eats half, then he says “something funny going on with these burrito’s” so he turns on the dome light realizes they were wrapped in a paper towel too. Then he looked at me an shrugged his shoulders continued eating the burrito wrapped in Brawny and said. ” SON LOOKS LIKE I WONT NEED TO WIPE AFTER USING THE CRAPPER”

6. What advice can you give any new father out there?

Don’t be a Dad on the sidelines!

Any last shout outs?

Thanks to Laurie Hadden,Kora Kemp, David Hadden, John Lucero, Matt Hensley, Keith Wilson, Alan Keller, Deans Welding, and Rick Post Welding.

Thanks so much Ned! It was an absolute pleasure and I’m stoked to have gotten to know more about you. You are a great dad, keep up the great work!

Check out Assault Skateboards here:
And for some serious stoke, The Assault Video:





  • Ryan Alan Holcomb on March 24, 2015

    I got my first real board from Ned when I was probably 8yrs old we lived in the same neighborhood actually we were neighbors , but I bugged the crap out of him daily and he was always really cool to and one day he was driving by and stopped, call me over and handed me a Black Label deck. Brand new with tape I was so stoked I’ll never forget that day ,I skated that deck until it was flat lol and I will definitely be shredding at the park or in the hood lol with my boys Thanks for the deck Ned skateboarding changed my life .

    Ryan Holcomb

    • Dad on March 24, 2015

      Awesome story! Thanks for sharing!! Ned rules!


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