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“Rad Dad Feature: MURS”

I first had heard of Murs back in high school when I sent some “well concealed cash” in an envelope to a random address for a hip-hop mix tape. The tape came to me with a hand-drawn cover, and each artists name was scribbled on the inside in the order they played on the cassette. Murs immediately stuck out to me as a star in the hip-hop supergroup, “Living Legends”. Murs has continued to push the envelope in hip-hop with thought-provoking lyrics, and a unique delivery over some of the finest beats that hip-hop ever has had to offer. Somehow he is able to juggle a career as an MC, while maintaining focus on what is most important to him, his family. Being that Murs and his music has been an inspiration to me on many levels, it is an absolute honor to be able to introduce him to you.

1. Tell us about what you do, who you are, and how you balance your career with being a dad?

My name is Murs. I’m an MC from Los Angeles, CA. Currently residing in Tucson AZ. When I’m not on tour. I am currently the father of an amazing 2 and a half year old. Being that I’m often on the road. When I’m home I try to make it all about family. Try to focus on them. And as seamlessly as possible slide in to the routine my wife has established. Pick up and drop off at day care, swim lessons, and changing as many diapers as possible. When I’m on the road I miss him. But FaceTime makes it a bit easier. I make sure we do it at least once a day. And some time more if he asks to see “Da Da”. When I do miss him I think about how difficult it must have been for a Miles Davis or the Beastie Boys who could only send a postcard or make a phone and hope all was well at home.

2. What does being a modern-day dad mean to you?

It means I don’t have to look like I “gave up” I can still have cool shoes and wear t shirts and sweatpants. It means being able to show my tattoos and drive a mini van. It means raising a kid that is a citizen of the world. Making sure he is bi lingual. Making sure respects all life regardless of skin color, sexual preference, religious affiliation or socio-economic status. I love that we live in an era. Where my son is passionate about a team sport like basketball. But he’s also been able to fall in love with skateboarding and b-boying(breakdancing) which encourage individualism.

3.How did becoming a father change your life?

Being a father has brought me so much joy. And of course has presented me with many opportunities to better myself. I have become a more patient and thoughtful man. It has shown me that I have A LOT of growing to do. But am looking forward to growing up with him. And hope he forgives me my mistakes along the way. Before my son came into our life my wife and I were planning on adopting a teenager. No interest in a baby. I knew/thought I wasn’t ready

4. Whats the greatest part about being a dad?

Having the opportunity to shape and mold someone’s life in their early years. The opportunity to watch them develop their own dreams and goals and then being able to support them on their journey to make it all reality. It’s also awesome to loved so purely by someone. He doesn’t know how flawed I am. He’s just stoked to see me every morning. He’s just stoked about life in general and that’s super inspiring.

5. Can you share a funny story about being a father?

Well, my wife and I wanted to adopt. However, we planned on adopting a teenager. Through some of the ups and downs of the arduous adoption process we wound up applying for over 50 kids with a few different agencies. One day we get a call from an agency my wife had come to loathe. So I take the call in her stead. She asks for my wife. I tell the lady straight up my wife has zero interest in talking to her. She then responds with, “Do you want this baby or not?” WTF?! we had not heard one word about being approved for a child. My wife thinks the lady’s full of it and tells me to call her bluff. So I say “Sure we’ll take the baby.” They lady on the phone says “Ok I’ll call you back in a minute.” My wife has done this song and dance with this agency before. Unphased she grabs her bag and heads to roller derby practice. I settle in to my Jaguars game. 30 mins later my wife calls, she’s “dislocated” her knee but has “popped” back into place and is on her way home. I run her an epsom salt bath. Meet her out front carry her in and put her in the bath. She then informs me that the lady from agency has been calling her phone repeatedly. I take her phone and call the agency lady back. She says “It’s a boy, did you guys want a boy?” I say we “we didn’t really want a baby at all. We’re waiting on a teenager. To which she replies ” Well, the mother chose you over two months ago. No one from the office called you ?” FUCK NO! She then says “If you’re not here in North Carolina in 48hrs the baby goes into foster care”. To make a long story short. We headed to Target bought a knee brace, a stroller, some diapers and the other necessities. And made it to North Carolina to pick up our son 32 hours later. The rest is history and our lives have only gotten better since.

6. What advice can you give any new father out there?

As long as you do everything in the name of love you’ll be alright. I was unprepared as you can get and I made it work. You’re never gonna be perfect. But as long as you wake up everyday and try to be. It will all work itself out. But then again I’ve only been on the job 2 and a half years. WTF do I know.

Thanks so much, it was a pleasure to be able to link with you, and I want to thank you for all that you have done for music, hip hop and people that relate to the words that you speak on each album you’ve released.

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