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“Rad Dad Feature: Khnum “” Ibomu”

Hip Hop has always been a force of change and not many people know this more than musician, activist, author, and fitness guru (amongst many other things) If the name rings a bell, perhaps you too had the pleasure of being exposed to the revolutionary and politically conscious hip hop group, dead prez. As one part of the duo, shook up the hip hop world and forced many people into serious introspection.’s music has always held a place in my heart as I was a fan of their militant delivery and progressive concepts that were drastically ahead of their time, completely relevant, and still place them in a league of their own.

I wrote and rewrote this intro a few times, every revision deciding it didn’t do enough justice to the impact Stic has had on others. He truly is an inspiration individual and it’s my pleasure to be able to share this feature. It was an absolute honor chatting with and I am pleased to say that he doesn’t just talk the talk, but he walks the walk.


1. Tell us about what you do, who you are, and how you balance your career with being a dad?

Fatherhood and being a Husband are my foremost priorities but I moonlight a lot of other jobs, too lol. My wife and I have two sons, a 14 year old and a newborn. I’m Khnum “Stic” Ibomu of dead prez, CEO of which my wife and I founded, hip hop artist and producer and a passionate practitioner and advocate for holistic health, fitness and well rounded wellbeing. I’m also a RRCA certified running coach and I write monthly columns for 4 national wellness centered magazines. I founded the RBG FIT CLUB and created a “fit hop” album called “The Workout” that debuted #1 on the Apples ITunes fitness charts.

I balance being a dad with my career by prioritizing my family life. Being present for the day to day experiences that are irreplaceable At the same time i also feel important to be passionate about my career and my life as a person outside of my family life, to inspire my children to discover what they are passionate about and not think life is just about make a living but to know its as much about living their making. My career is a meaningful part of my life that I enjoy and it helps me to provide for my family but it is not the center of my life, my family is. So I do my best to coordinate my professional commitments reasonably so I can be a part of all the little daily activities and be present and aware of what’s going on with my sons and be helpful and supportive to them and my wife and also share my interests and values and excitement and opportunities that comes along with my career with them.

Our 14 year old works in our shipping department and he also plays piano and electric guitar (often on tour with my group) and recently I started teaching him making beats in the home studio so we are grateful to have home based businesses that we can interact in many ways together as a family very often.

2. What does being a modern-day dad mean to you?

Being a modern day dad means family first, having fun together, spending quality time, providing compassionate leadership to the family, appropriate discipline that teaches more so than punishes and just preparing and helping my young guys to be joyful, optimistic, skilled and loving people who bring purpose and passion to whatever they touch in the world. Being a MDD is also about doing my best in maintaining a joyful and fulfilling relationship with my wife. To me a modern day dad doesn’t rule over his household out of fear,ego,punishment,but he leads through his compassion and service and example and is an open minded student always seeking to improve his fathering abilities through study, council and of course trial and error. Lots of that. Lol

3.How did becoming a father change your life?

It has shifted my priorities around so that I live firstly to serve my family then secondly as an individual; I’m clear that is a main part of my life’s purpose, prioritizing my productivity to meet the needs of my family first and foremost.

Being a dad Has helped me understand and reconcile and have an improved relationship with my dad. It’s given me a greater perspective and compassion for how challenging the process of manhood is;for my self and my sons.

It’s made me just appreciate being a Man and inspired me to want to grow and flourish as Man. I feel honored to be able to be a Man and to serve in the capacity that I serve in my family and community. Wouldn’t wanna be nothing else!

4. Whats the greatest part about being a dad?

Seeing your children enjoy life and build their confidence skills and independence and knowing you have did your best to help that happen. I’ve been rearing my oldest son about every seven years to Go through what I call Rites of passage. It’s where I make sure through a organized focus that he is building certain life skills, evolving positively in character development and having quality experiences that help him mature in holistic ways. My youngest son will be undergoing a similar set of rites as well, his first being his naming ceremony coming up soon, where I will whisper his name into his ear and then announce his name to our community of family and friends, and they will witness and pledge their support as a community to assist in his growth and development.

5. Can you share a funny story about being a father?

Uh yeah, got a new born. Nuff said. Lol

Let’s see, so we have certainly been getting the golden shower and brown surprise treatment from the newborn. Some how he worked up a extra serving of number 2 that was to much for 1 pamper to handle. I unknowingly stepped in some of the excess and made a trail of poop all over the bed room carpet and hall way. And hey, that was just day 2! My older son yells out “It’s Everywhere!” Which had us cracking up. You gotta laugh cause parenting can have moments where you feel like you gonna turn into the Incredible Hulk. Especially when the teenage insanity, I mean metamorphosis starts to kick in. Lol

6. What advice can you give any new father out there?

Choose a loving, smart, driven, healthy, unselfish confident woman who is about family to compliment your vision. Be sure that’s what you want and take your time. Do it on purpose, try to be responsible enough to not have it be an accident. Know that once you become a father your life will and should change, abruptly, and completely, but if you adapt and embrace it, it will be the best thing ever.

Being a father is all about being loving present responsible and laying the Foundation of character and supporting your children to grow into a bright Future.

It’s quality time, meaningful conversations, exposing them to many meaningful experiences, having their back, teaching them to be wise in their actions, helping them realize their potential and inspiring them to exercise compassion and excellence in all they do.
It’s listening and paying attention and wing aware of who they are and what they need and doing your best to facilitate and support their interests and talents.

Encourage them to grow and go for their goals and dreams. Children learn so much by what they experience not just what we say so it’s important to Lead by example, not just words. I aim to Be the kind of person that my children can feel loved by and know that I’m always there to help or to listen, I keep it 100 and give them the real for their own benefit and that I believe in them 1,000 percent!

Thanks so much for being a part of our site. As a fan for years it really meant a lot to me that you participated in our feature! I appreciate your contributions to hip hop, fitness, life, and feel privileged to continue to learn from all the wisdom you share.

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Make sure to check out Stic’s new “fithop” single + video We Run These Streets, available everywhere digitally June 1st.




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