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“Rad Dad Feature: Iván Murillo”

Iván Murillo is the frontman for some of New York Hardcore’s most punishing bands. As a father to a two year old, he works hard to be able to find the balance between his job, his bands, and being a father. Iván is a devoted and dedicated dad who knows that family comes first, so it’s my honor to have been able to chat with him about what it means to be a Rad Dad.

1. Tell us about what you do, who you are, and how you balance your career with being a dad?

My name is Iván Murillo. I currently am vocalist for NYHC bands, Manipulate and Skarhead. I work as an IT Recruiter and I balance that with being a Dad by making sure I take care of my son when I get home.

We have limited time together during he week due to me getting home later from work. I always make sure I give him a bath and put him to bed.

2. What does being a modern-day dad mean to you?

It means being aware of the current state of affairs in the world. My son is only 2 years old. As he becomes more aware of things, I will try to steer him on the right path, but also let him have his own opinions.
Two words: Question everything!

3. How did becoming a father change your life?

It made me realize that he comes first and I have to do whats in his best interest above all. Parenthood is the purest love there is. I’m only 2 years in and still cant believe I’m a dad sometimes.

4. Whats the greatest part about being a dad?

The greatest part of being a dad is looking at my son and being able to see pieces of myself and his mother, in the way he does things or his facial expressions. I also love watching him have fun. Theres nothing in the world that gives me more joy than seeing him laughing and enjoying himself.

5. Can you share a funny story about being a father?

A few months back, I put him down for a nap. I went to take our dog out. I come back in the house and look up the stairs and there he is standing and calling for me. He had climbed out of his crib. I had been putting off adjusting his crib to the next tier and he cracked the code!

6. What advice can you give any new fathers out there?

Just be patient. Being a parent is awesome but can be a culture shock for some. The first year is the toughest. If you can make it through that, you’ll be ok.

Thanks so much, Iván. Keep up the good work, and we look forward to hearing more from you in the hardcore scene.

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