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“Rad Dad Feature: Freddy Cricien of Madball”

Freddy Madball has carried the New York Hardcore torch for quite some time now. As the frontman for Madball, he has furiously barked out some of the hardest hitting lyrics that the hardcore scene has ever witnessed. To Freddy, hardcore is more than just music, it is a way of life, and his lyrics describe the reality of the New York Hardcore scene he was raised in. He is a powerful vocalist, but even more so, he is a dedicated and caring father who knows that family always comes first.

1. Tell us about what you do, who you are, and how you balance your career with being a dad?

I’m Freddy Cricien, father of Cassius and Tallulah- first and foremost! At “work” I’m known as Freddy Madball – vocalist/front man for Madball and a few other projects. I wear a few other hats in the music realm as well – But I think you get the gist.

2. What does being a modern-day dad mean to you?

For me, It means to be involved in every aspect of your children’s lives, not in an overbearing way, but It’s not just about providing. it’s about sharing as many moments as you possibly can, as often as you can. It’s about Teaching yes.. but also learning from them! Being friends with your kids but also setting parameters/boundaries, of course. For me, with my schedule- every moment is crucial. When I’m not doing what I do to pay the bills, which is also something I’m very passionate about, I’m with my family. When I can bring them along, I do that as well! I want them to Share in the experience whenever possible. My “job” can be hard and it takes a toll..but we all make it work as a team. God-bless my wife she’s a real trooper! She’s the rock.. She holds down the fort! We’re definitely a non traditional family- in a lot of ways. But we do have some old school values – I learned a lot from a lot of OG’s. But, our set up and lifestyle, is not a traditional set up- that’s good and bad I guess… Modern day dad to me means- whatever your situation is, put your family first. Make it work! handle your business and then go and be with your family as much as possible!!

3.How did becoming a father change your life?

In so many ways! Everything changes – the focus becomes you’re children, before anything and everything. It’s made me a better person on many levels. It’s a love that’s indescribable- the most positive source of inspiration… in every way. I’m learning a lot.. about them and myself.

4. Whats the greatest part about being a dad?

Look- If I said being a father was easy I’d be lying. That said, it’s most definitely the greatest achievement of my life. Above music, above everything. Watching them learn,grow,etc.. it’s amazing! One of the great but scary things is, you have a big hand in how they turn out!! You’re helping mold a human being – no pressure! Depending on your upbringing, but I think irregardless of the circumstances- you want to improve upon mistakes your folks made. It’s very satisfying to do that and watch it take form. It’s also a bummer when you fall short. But that’s life, at least our focus is them above all.

5. Can you share a funny story about being a father?

Well, there’s many actual funny scenarios I can talk about. With both my kids- so many! But the most recent is- when my son said, oh man that Donald Trunk guy is going to “ruin everything”. Hahaha… we did not prompt him to say that! It was from his own mind! We try not to speak overly negative about anyone, in front of the kids. We speak code and spell stuff out- we’d never teach them to hate or dislike someone,etc. Even if it is “That guy”. he had overheard a Hillary commercial on the radio, during the campaign- so he came to that conclusion..ha. I guess they work! I found it all hilarious.

6. What advice can you give any new father out there?

Practice patience and think about how cute they are when you start to lose it. We’re human and it’s not an easy task. But there’s no doubt, it’s the most important one you’ll ever have in your life. Enjoy them they grow fast.

Thanks so much Freddy! It was an absolute honor to have you take part in this feature and I hope to see you guys play again soon!

Don’t sleep on Madball. Go see them when they come to your town.



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