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“Rad Dad Feature: Daniel Straus”

Daniel Straus has been moving through opponents like a steam roller. A mixed martial artist in Bellator MMA, and former Bellator Featherweight Champ, he is a definite force to be reckoned with. I have been a fan for some time but after watching an impressive performance during Bellator 138, everyone watching him became a fan. The world of mixed martial arts has its heroes and villains, but watching the triumphs that Daniel is achieving make him more than a fan favorite, he is an inspiration. A loving father with him mind set on success, it’s an honor get to chat with Daniel about his life, being a father and watching him climb to the top.

1. Tell us about what you do, who you are, and how you balance your career with being a dad?

I’m a MMA fighter fighting for Bellator in the Featherweight division. It’s rough for me because I don’t live in the same state as my daughter. So balancing my job as a father an fighter requires a lot of traveling back and forth.

2. What does being a modern-day dad mean to you?

Means being the cool enough to make your kid proud while steal being a parent lol. With times changing were able to relate to our kids in a different way. I myself enjoying being a big kid so I get to be a big kid with my child.

3.How did becoming a father change your life?

It made me realize the importance of life and family and making the better an right choices in life.

4. Whats the greatest part about being a dad?

I get to see myself through my child as she becomes her own person. Watching her personality grow is amazing.

5. Can you share a funny story about being a father?

I don’t have any funny stories yet but Makayla did poop on me while I was wearing white shorts when she was a baby lol

6. What advice can you give any new father out there?

There is no rule book on being a father or parent for that matter. Jus enjoy each day as they come. Some days will be good and some days will be a living nightmare but there’s nothing better in this world then seeing your child smile.

Thanks so much Daniel! It’s an honor to get to chat with you and a privilege to watch your continued success in MMA!

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