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“Rad Dad Feature: Chris Pupecki”

You might know Chris Pupecki from such bands as Blacktail, Cast Iron Hike, and Backbone. If those don’t ring a bell, you definitely have heard of him from the immensely rad band called “Doomriders” and his doom project, “Wormwood”, both with recent records out now. When Chris isn’t charging through blistering tracks with his thundering guitar riffs and distinct vocal style, he is a dedicated husband and a father of two children. It’s my pleasure to share this Rad Dad Feature with you. Meet Chris Pupecki.

1. Tell us about what you do, who you are, and how you balance your career with being a dad?

I’m a stay at home dad, husband and guitarist/vocalist. I have two maniacal and creative kids. Emilia is 4 1/2 and Max is 2 1/2. They have a ton of energy and keep me busy! On occasion I’m able to escape the madness to play a show or tour with my bands. I play guitar and have toured a good chunk of the planet in a band called Doomriders who has three lp’s and a few ep’s and splits mostly on Deathwish Inc. I also play guitar and “sing” in a super heavy, doomy band called Wormwood, and we have a record out on Magic Bullet Records and a CD from Patac Records. Most times my mother in-law with come and stay with the kids if I have shows or tours, which is super helpful.

2. What does being a modern-day dad mean to you?

Being a modern day dad to me means I can be a stay at home dad and not feel weird about it, where as 30 years ago it was much more rare and they even made a movie about the awkwardness of dudes in that position called Mr. Mom. Ha! Also, my wife and I never push any kind of gender role stuff on our kids. We’d never say “boys don’t wear that color” to our boy, or “girls don’t play with trucks” to our daughter. I feel like modern parents are not pushing that stuff on their kids as much as parents in the past. Religion too. Most of my friends don’t indoctrinate their kids with stories of bearded men in the sky or a fiery place underground called “hell” where “sinners” go to burn for eternity. If they want to follow a religion when they’re older and can decide on one on their own, that’s fine, but I’m not down with brainwashing and I think more and more modern people feel the same way these days.

3. How did becoming a father change your life?

Definitely don’t have the free time I used to have…I often wonder what the hell I did with all that free time as it’s a completely different ball game these days. Pre-kids you could be as selfish as you wanted because it was only you or you and your partner that you had to take care of. Post-kids you have your entire family’s well being on your mind. I also think having kids makes me hesitate before making a poor decision. I want to be an awesome role model for my kids. I still do stupid shit on occasion, as most people do, just not as often!

4. Whats the greatest part about being a dad?

The greatest part of being a dad is the look of absolute unconditional love my kids give me just before a hug. Best feeling in the world. We do a thing we call “family hug” where we all four huddle up in a group hug. It’s the best, someone will yell “FAMILY HUG!!” And it’s on.

5. Can you share a funny story about being a father?

Well they rattle off super funny shit all day long, like the other day my daughter walked into the room with her underwear over her shorts and declared, “they’re OVERPANTS! It’s when you take your underpants and put them OVER YOUR PANTS!” I mean, you can’t really argue the logic.

6. What advice can you give any new father out there?

I’d say don’t stress it all that hard. You don’t need to read every baby book, you’ll be surprised by how much comes naturally. Don’t take for granted the free time and full nights sleep you get pre-kid, and really enjoy the ride, because as they say, “they grow up too fast”.

Thanks so much man. It was a pleasure and honor to get to chat with you about being a father! Hope to hear more from you musically for many years to come!

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