“Pull-ups: Iconic, Difficult and Perfect”

Pullups are one of the most difficult yet iconic exercises there are. They have a number of benefits, especially the fact that they only need a bar and your own body weight.

Exercise is extremely important to your physical and mental well being and strong arms help hold babies. Pull-ups work your lats, rhomboids,forearms, biceps, triceps, and is a good cardio exercise too. Add in a few body weight squats, and pushups and you’ve got a full body workout that needs no equipment at all! Whats your excuse?

Try The Trifecta: do one squat, then do one pull-up, then drop down and do a push-up. Next do two squats, two pull-ups and two push-ups. Continue to add one rep to each exercise until you can’t make it through. Then start taking one rep away and work your way back down to one again. It’s brutal!

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