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“Potty Training Tips From A Dad’s Point Of View”

With my first child, potty training was a snap. It didn’t take too much time or effort to get her interested in using the potty. My second child has proven to be the defiant one at every turn. She has plenty of interest in going potty, it’s just that she gets a kick out of doing it everywhere except for the toilet.

We are getting there though, she lets us know right before she is going to use the bathroom, sometimes with a little dance or her yelling “pee pee” at the top of her lungs, other times with a sly giggle as she urinates in the corner like a brand new puppy. It’s all par for course and part of the potty training experience.

Now that we are getting a little closer to the goal, she alerts us when she needs to use the bathroom and we help her to sit on the toilet. The new trial and tribulation of this potty training experience is her attachment to her poo.

If you’re wondering what on earth that could even mean, allow me to explain. Now that she is using the potty on the toilet, she is having a hard time coming to grips with the idea that once she flushes, her poo will never return again.  So we almost have the potty part down, it’s the flushing that is proving to be the biggest hurdle.

I have to admit, few things are funnier than hearing my toddler in the bathroom with mom screaming “oh no, poo poo go bye-bye.”

With this new challenge, it’s even more important that we keep our bathroom as clean as possible. Believe me, nothing could be more disgusting than your child trying to actually save their poo poo from disappearing.

I’ll spare you any more of that story, but cleaning is a must.

As if the idea of a dirty toilet isn’t gross enough, they can contain as many as 3.5 million bacteria per square inch, and some of those remain on traditional toilet brushes after you’re done cleaning. Gross, right?

It’s time to break up with the brush and turn to the Clorox®ToiletWand® System, which kills 99.9% of germs and features abrasive scrubbers to power through tough stains. Trust us, this is one breakup you won’t regret.

All jokes aside, the Clorox®ToiletWand® System is perfect – each disposable refill head is preloaded with Clorox® Toilet Bowl Cleaner to give you the cleaning power you need with none of the nastiness of a traditional, germy toilet brush.

With the Clorox®ToiletWand® System, cleaning the toilet is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply click a refill head onto the wand, scrub to unleash the preloaded Clorox® Toilet Bowl Cleaner, then toss the head away.

No matter what your potty training experience is, there are sure to be many bumps along the way with some of them being hilarious memories you won’t soon forget. While it might make for a laugh in the bathroom, it’s important to keep it clean. Thankfully the Clorox®ToiletWand® System has me covered.



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