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“Potential Friends”

My daughter and I were talking about making friends at her new school.  It wasn’t that she was having too much trouble, in fact she already knew a few of the people there but some of her classmates seemed to be hard eggs to crack for her.  “I don’t know how to ask them to be my friend” she said.  Though she is pretty outgoing, sometimes she is downright shy when it comes to new people.  I smiled and told her it reminded me of a saying I had heard.  For some reason this rhyme was rolling around in my head and I told her it went something like this “ feeling awkward, afraid, potential friends I could have made.”  She liked that a lot.  It was simple, rhymed and reminded her that most people feel shy at first, just take the chance and make a new friend!

I let her know that there were plenty of people in life that I am glad I just broke out of my shell for and they became great friends, some lifelong. It’s taking the step, the risk.  I know its tough, but it’s part of growing up.  Where did I hear that saying though?  It wasn’t something my folks told me, it wasn’t something I read in a book, I just couldn’t quite place my finger on it. “Oh my god,” I thought to myself, “I just had a father/daughter talk using Youth of Today lyrics.” 

I had to laugh at myself.  In one way, it was terribly cliche for me to have done so, in another way, it really was some great advice and had stuck with me for this long.  After I thought about it for a while, I was pretty thankful to have found hardcore music as a kid.  During a time where I really could have screwed a lot of things up, I had some good influence through the music I listened to.  I don’t know what music my daughter will be into as she goes through those teen years, but perhaps she will dig into my old collection and pull out some Youth of Today records and derive as much meaning from them as I did.

Thanks Ray.

Potential Friends, Youth of Today

Here I sit so f***ing shy
wondering what’s going through your mind
or what you’re even like
as time ticks quickly by
a life so short, incomplete
so many people I’d like to meet
feeling awkward, afraid
potential friends I could’ve made
why do we keep to ourselves
and not dare to leave our f***ing shells
let our feelings and emotions blend
we could be the best of friends.




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