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“Places to Visit: Mote Marine Laboratory”

Earlier this week, we were lucky enough to spend the day igniting a fire in our daughters imagination by taking her to an aquarium.  It was awesome to see her face light up with excitement and wonder as we were able to check out all the exhibits this place had to offer.  Not only was she able to explore an underwater world, but many of the exhibits were hands on!

The Aquarium at Mote Marine Laboratory – home to more than 100 marine species and to interactive exhibits featuring the Lab’s world-class marine research is an absolute gem. Located on Sarasota’s City Island just north of St. Armand’s Circle, The Aquarium offers many informative, interesting and exciting exhibits for everyone to enjoy.  We were able to see rescued sea turtles, manatees, dolphin training and many other awesome examples of sea life, including the stars of the show, sharks!

My wife really enjoyed seeing the seahorses, which are absolutely awesome to see up close.   There are cuttlefish that change color in a blink of an eye and other fish and invertebrates that Mote raises and displays to raise public awareness about our oceans.

There was a new exhibit at the aquarium that we were able to enjoy called, “Sea Turtles: Ancient Survivors,” where guests can meet real sea turtles, learn about the threats they face in the wild, and follow the oceangoing journeys of turtles tagged by Mote scientists.  Not only was this a very informative visit, but you could tell people really cared about the place, and they made it fun, exciting and interesting for everyone involved.

Additionally, the aquarium is a unique Informal Science Education Center that brings the research of Mote Marine Laboratory to life. Guests can peek into working labs and enjoy exhibits about real Mote science. In addition to visiting The Aquarium, people of all ages can sign up for education programs for an even closer look at marine research and ocean ecosystems.

For visitor information and more details about Mote, go to, call 941-388-4441, email


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