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“Paleo Chicken Wrapped Asparagus”

Paleo Chicken Wrapped Asparagus

I think I have tried almost every diet under the sun. I have spent years as a strict vegan, I’ve prescribed to the Mediterranean diet, I’ve spent some time as a vegetarian, and also everything from low-carb to no-carb to pro-carb.  I have been there and I have done that when it comes to new foods.  When a new diet, whether it’s a fad or not, comes around I do like to familiarize myself with it to make sure I’m not missing out on a prime component to my health. One such diet that has always interested me is called the Paleo diet.  What its basic tenet is, “eat what cavemen might have eaten.”  Simple enough, right?

Despite it having critics and supporters both with a valid points, I have to admit when I dissected it further, I appreciated its focus on nutrient dense whole foods.  Although I can’t say I prescribe completely to a such diet, I definitely see it’s benefits, and any step towards a healthier diet is one that I applaud.  While researching the health benefits of Paleo eating I did however, happen upon some of the most amazing looking foods I had ever seen. Everything looked so fresh, tasty and natural that I had to integrate it into my regular routine.

One of the finest meals we prepared so far in a Paleo fashion would have to be the chicken wrapped asparagus.  Not only has this quickly become one of my favorites, but also my wife’s as well. I urge you to look into the Paleo diet and see if it is right for you, and enjoy this recipe from a Paleo diet.


4 – 6 Chicken Breasts
1 bunch of Asparagus Spears
olive oil
1 Tbsp diced Garlic
sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste


Butterfly the chicken breast then lightly pound out flat. They should be no more than 1/8 inch thick.
Place chicken flat in an oiled dish and sprinkle on garlic, chives, salt and pepper.
Lay 4-5 asparagus spears in center of chicken and roll up..
Put chicken seam side down in pan.
Add more garlic, chives, salt and pepper to the top side of the chicken
Cook in the oven at 400 degrees for about 15-20 minutes, until chicken is fully cooked.

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