It’s no secret that Onnit has helped me change my life entirely. From the way the mission of their company resonates with me, to their dedication to functional fitness and positive growth, they truly are a company I can stand behind. With

If you are a skateboarder, than you know who Kerry Getz is. One of the rawest skateboarders, he was consistent and technical on his board in a way that left me constantly in awe. To this day, you are hard pressed to


“Are we raising victims?”

As parents are we preparing our children for the real world, or are we helping them create a become victims? Pretty recently I saw some trust fund kids on national news arguing why they think college should be free, and in the

Another day passes by and the news is filled with terrible tragedy. It’s hard not to become jaded, or almost feel like you are used to it, waiting for the next calamity to show its ugly face again. My heart goes out

This is for my hardcore dads. Youth of Today is the ultimate parenting manual. Let me explain. I have had questions in the past quite a few times about advice in being a better parent. Many of us have commented that there

Recently I got a comment from a feminist regarding an article I wrote. I’ll spare you all the details but the gist of it was that they felt the “rhetoric of the father as the protector and notions of a daughter’s dependency


“To Be a Great Parent”

To be a great parent, sometimes you have to take a few moments to be a kid yourself. Especially with young children, it’s hard for us to not want to spend every moment around them, watching their every move and catering to

Danny Kavadlo has a gift. Not only does he have an incredible talent in the physical fitness world, but he has a knack for sharing his no nonsense, minimalist approach to changing lives via calisthenics. “Strength Rules” isn’t just another book about

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Q-Unique’s music has been a part of my collection for years. I remember when I first got a CD from “The Arsonists” I was absolutely blown away. This talented group of emcee’s redefined what I knew about hip hop and allowed me

They other day, after waiting close to an hour in the parent pickup line, my daughter hurriedly rushed into the car. Before I could even ask her how school was, she told me a bizarre tale of being assaulted and threatened by

“It takes one to know one” is a pretty popular defense for school age children. But it’s funny how a simple statement like that can ring so true. As a child I remember using this defense when other kids would call me


“The Yoga of Parenting”

Many times as parents we are troubled by the chattering mind of being a parent. Our inner monologue often times clouds our ability to be present and aware in situations that arise. Most of us are constantly questioning our abilities and wondering

This is a guest post by Kathy Copcutt Open letter to all divorced and separated parents, remember to show respect to your ex. No matter what happens that person is the Mother/Father of your child(ren). It was blissful when the relationship started,

Jim Joseph is the very proud father of two adult kids. He has spent more than twenty years navigating his career and family life the entire time. His newest book is about fatherhood as told by an “Out and About Dad.” Jim’s