Never underestimate the role you play in your child’s life. Your legacy exists not in the hours you put in at work, but in the memory of your children. We are the teachers that our children admire the most, and our lessons

I see you out there, New Years resolution dads! I see your fitness goals for 2016. Listen to me, SMASH THOSE GOALS! There is no goal you can’t reach. This is the thought for 2016 that I’d like to become your mantra

I recently got an email asking me how I knew how to be a good father, without having a father in my own life. Great question. I knew exactly what a father needed to be by thinking back to every little thing


“The poetry of parenting”

All of our minds are made up of little moments, good and bad, that form our memories. These memories, the deposits we place into our children’s mind is our legacy. We have a unique opportunity to not only help write the story


“Wolves not Sheep”

Being a parent is the only job where even people with zero experience want to offer you opinions as if they have any clue. Ignore the advice of the masses, if you try your best and follow your heart, there are no

It’s been a crazy year. We welcomed a new addition to our modern day family and just recently made it through the holidays with my youngest turning 6 months old. I forgot how much hard work a new baby can be. My

The watchful eyes of a child pick up everything. Their ears are listening even when we whisper. They are looking to us at every moment, yearning for our guidance and inspiration. No matter what they say, especially as they get older, we

Our children aren’t direct reflections of our ability to parent, but they are reflections of our ability to let them be themselves and to be happy. It’s important to consider that when we push our children and mold them into what we

My wife said something to me the other day that challenged my thoughts about the perception we have of ourselves and how that becomes our reality vs the perception others have of us and their own reality. Long story short, I used

I have made it a practice for quite some time now to never miss a “Monday workout.” It’s become a little ritual that unless extreme circumstances arise, I never skip no matter what. The process hardly ever changes though. On Monday morning

The notion that a strong man can’t also be a caring man…while still maintaining both qualities, is a load of crap and it’s up to us to change that perception. “Man up” is a pretty common phrase that many of us have

When you’re a parent, it’s important to replace your selfishness with selflessness. It’s not about you anymore. The difference between a good dad and a great dad is your ability to sacrifice. Seems like common sense to most of us, but I’m


“Being a strong father”

Be the type of father who shows confidence, commitment, and strength, so your children will believe they can be confident, committed and strong too. How often we forget that our children are watching our every move. When our kids are young they


“When I became a father…”

When I became a father, I still wasn’t ready to trade in my punk records for a suit and tie. I’ve always felt the best example I could set as a dad was to follow my heart. More importantly what my friend

There are three things your child is never too old to need to hear from you. 1. I’m proud of you. 2. I believe in you. 3. I love you.