Often times I follow other fathers that I come in contact with via our site somehow. Friends of friends, or folks that have commented on the page, and so on. Occasionally I find folks that seem so positive and inspiring that I

Letting your kids play with chalk is the first step in raising a graffiti writer you can be proud of. Follow us on Instagram for more.



This nice young man spent half an hour teaching my daughter how to do "real tricks" on her scooter. If any of you following this page are this kids parents; thanks for raising a kid that is thoughtful and helpful to others,

Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing an alright job at this parenting stuff. Then my kid tells me she was working on a poem, for me. Got dusty in here pretty quickly. Who's cuttin' the onions?! Follow us on Instagram for more.

Iván Murillo is the frontman for some of New York Hardcore’s most punishing bands. As a father to a two year old, he works hard to be able to find the balance between his job, his bands, and being a father. Iván


“The old standard”

This is my old standard, a hodgepodge of fun and functional movements that make working out not feel like such a chore. Cranked up some @activatethrash, tossed around my @onnit #kettlebells and got it done. #dadbod Follow us on Instagram for more.


“2017 goals”

My goal for 2017 was to learn how to play drums. I never had a set in my life and always wanted to learn how to play. I put a lot of stock in having hobbies and setting goals, especially when your

Teach your kids to stand for something, no matter how unpopular. From a young age it's easy to fall into the crowd, so make it a point to celebrate those that stand out, are different, and whom make waves.One of our greatest


“Being a good example”

I think being a good example to your children is one of the most important things you can do. That said, how can we show them that not all rules are meant to be followed?More importantly than just knowing that the places

To anyone that wonders when I'm gonna grow up, stop listening to loud music, quit riding around on a wooden toy, get a real job, stop dancing to the music in the grocery store, quit playing on the monkey bars at the

#flashbackfriday Start today. If you haven't already, today is your day. Im talking to you, from experience. I'm not a fitness professional or some juiced up dirtbag photoshopping my pics and selling protein powder. I'm just a regular dude, just healthier than



This meme is pretty much how everyone seems to think us homeschooling our child is like. I was guilty of it too.Enrolling our oldest in virtual school was a huge decision. It took a lot of getting used to for all of


“Kids and Hobbies”

I can't stress enough the importance for kids to have hobbies. From art to sports, martial arts to crafts, having something they can do to take away from the day to day is important in keeping them grounded. Kids need to expel

Making a reverse tie-dye, or bleach tie-dye is a fun way to spruce up an old shirt. It takes something plain, and many times stained… and turns it into a work of art. Tie-dye can be a really fun project for you

When our kids are small they believe that the earth revolves around them. In many cases they truly are the center of their own universe. In the beginning most parents agree with this concept subconsciously and give the child all of their